Feb 13, 2016


I had hoped to be at the library, stitching with my stitchy peeps, but the weather had other ideas about that.  So it would seem that today will be a Happy Chair day instead...right after I get a pot of soup going on the stove top.

Last night, I started the little "ornament" from Laura J. Perin's "Box of Chocolates", but I must have had my eyes closed when I pulled threads for it.  I didn't have the colors that Laura suggested, so I tried to go with a pink and grey theme instead:

Um, well, I guess I really don't have anything to say about this other than I hope it turns out OK in the end.  If it doesn't...no harm, no foul.  It is all from stash and easy to do again properly once I get the right colors on board.

Man o' manachevitz...am I getting relaxed in my old age, or what?  Not too long ago I would have put three stitches into this and had a nervous breakdown that I had screwed it up.  Now I'm just happy that I had so much fun watching the snow fly with Stewey snoodled up beside me.

Hmmmm.  I wonder if he's been slipping sedatives into my oatmeal again?

Happy, happy Saturday to you, my dear friends!  I hope that you are warm and safe and dry and that your needles are flying!

Bosco says hi, by the way.  He came for a sleep over with his Aunt CJ last night and is now readyto go play in the snow!

Stewey, of course, is not:


  1. Coni, sorry the snow threw a damper on your stitching at the library outing! But it is all good, stitching is still happening except it's in your Happy Chair. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Love the combination!! Gray is such an overlooked neutral.

  3. Love you Bosco, but when it comes to snow, I'm #teamStewey.

  4. Sorry you were unable to join your friends today. We are having a lot of sunshine today, wish I could send you some. Nice start on your ornament. I think your thread combination looks nice.

  5. I think your ornament looks lovely! It is too bad you missed out on some stitchy time with your friends :( Oh well there is always next time!

  6. Sorry to hear the weather ruined your plans.
    I love the pink and grey colour combination.

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  8. I will try this again! Nice that you had company during the snow! And I think the pink and grays look just fine!

    Debbie in Kansas