Feb 1, 2016


I finished the hearts on Valentine Wreath and moved on to the greenery.

One note of advice, though...don't try to smoosh that last heart in there while simultaneously watching Downton.  I must have stiched and frogged it seven times before I had to hit the pause button.  I suspect that my bow might be one or two threads off kilter, thus throwing off that last little bit.

But I think the end result is still fine, and now I'm happily stitching the green background!

Stewey is unhappy with his breakfast selection this morning.  He feels strongly that a lovely tray of tea and toast should be presented to him in the big girl sleigh bed.  Instead, he gets a milkbone presented to him on the living room rug.

Oh, the indignity.


  1. Wow! That's a beauty! You did good!
    Ruth in OxnardCa

  2. Your progress is beautiful. I had to put my needle down while watching Downton and Mercy Street so I could look at the costumes and background. Both episodes were a bit bloody. Stewy and his attitude......what's a Mo-ther to do?

  3. As always, your productivity, not to mention your skill, so impresses me!

  4. Poor Stewey needs a toy... Mama Coni? he NEEDS a toy!
    Ruth in Onxard anf tongue in cheek!

  5. It looks wonderful!!! And poor Stewey!! :)

  6. Looks great. For some reason, I think that the Mr. still ate his milk bone and enjoyed it. ;)

  7. Haha! I have a spoiled Yorkie who eats one Cadet sweet potato wrapped with dried chicken for breakfast and dinner. He has dried venizon for his real food out all day. If by chance, I run out of that Cadet, you would think it was the end of the world! I never hear the end of the yapping or the twirling around in front of the counter where his food is kept. My Reilly was a reject who with medical help and love has gone from a withdrawn, scared puppy to King and ruler of our home! (The secret is....I wouldn't haven't any other way! Love my little man) We could never let Stewey and Reilly get together and share their control secrets!! haha