Feb 6, 2016


I feel like a six year old.  Today I'm going stitching, and you would have thought that I was going to Disneyworld to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan for waffles.

I love waffles.  Almost as much as I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Do you suppose that I will be able to just keep my crazy on the inside today and not make a complete boob of myself by chattering like a circus monkey and breaking out into song like some kind of TeeVee nut job that lives multiple crazy lives in her head but that is actually just a mild-mannered spinster by day?

Why can't I just be normal?

Naaaah.  That would be too easy.  And God knows I'm all about the non easy these days.

Well, kids, after a long hard week of not feeling well and fretting over almost everything, methinks a few hours with my stitchy friends is just what my pitiful self needs.  My bag is packed, my shoes are shined and the sedatives should kick in any minute now.

Here's hoping that your Saturday is off to a wonderful start.  Do something fabulous and tell us all about it!


  1. Have a great time! Stitching friends are the best!

  2. I'm not Jeffery Dean Morgan, but I would love to spend a day stitching with you with your crazies on the outside.

  3. Enjoy your time with your stitching friends, Coni! Then have a waffle when you get home!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. You have perfectly described how I feel every time I get together with my stitching peeps! It is pure heaven and I get really giddy!

  5. Have fun and enjoy every minute of your time with the gals...and give yourself a break, "normal" is highly overrated!

  6. Sounds like the best way to spend a Saturday!

    Have you been watching the Good Wife on CBS this season?

  7. I hope you had fun! And don't ever be normal, always be awesome!!

  8. Hope you are feeling better. Will you watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead? Apparently, he will play a really bad guy.

  9. Hope you had a great time.
    Here's something interesting for you.



  10. Hope your stitchy get-together was all you expected it to be. Happy Saturday (now Sunday) :) Cathryn

  11. What a great way to spend the day.