Feb 18, 2016


Some days I feel like my very own little stitchy factory and get quite a lot completed.

Other days...not so much.

I thought I would do some of the black background blocks in a sparkly thread to give the piece a little oomph.  I swear....some of these boxes are stitched with a sparkly thread.  Really.  I swear.

It's just so darn subtle you can't see it!

OK, here's proof. 
('Scuse my backside).
(And my pajamas).

The happy news is that I somehow managed to wash, dry, fold, AND put away every single piece of laundry yesterday.  I don't know when that last happened, so today we are celebrating.  Cake for everybody!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, Stewey is toasting, and the Spinster is spinstering.  Here's hoping that your day is exactly what you want it to be!


  1. This is a great piece. PJ's excused; after all what is retirement if not being able to stay in comfy PJ's all day. I often do so, especially when the wind is howling across the plains of Kansas as it is doing today.

  2. Cake? I love cake! By the way, cameras cannot see the shine of metallics, or silks or bling. So it's not you. It's just that cameras don't see what we do (and vice versa).

  3. What time is cake being served? I like your black blocks, Coni. And as one of the previous posters said, bling and cameras don't see equally.

  4. I'm with Robin. 'What time is cake being served?' And as for your stitchy piece... it really is subtle, isn't it. ;) Cathryn

  5. I think it is nice. Cake sounds great.

  6. Cake for me! I think you should put that sparkly stuff in every black box. It looks nifty!

  7. I feel like a stitchy factory some days too, not very many but some. I love the idea of the sparkly thread!! I bet it looks perfect in person. :)