Apr 23, 2024



Botanical Bee is buzzing along quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. 

See what I did there?

I haven't felt like myself in for...ever. If the source of my charm and wit used to be a cauldron of fire fueled by life's ups and downs, I suspect that the current state of affairs is being driven by age, wisdom, and the fact that Yours Truly is just...tired.


I remain insanely happy and in love with this thing of ours, and I get excited to sit down every day with iPad thingie in hand to dingdong your collective doorbells and come in for a peek at what you're up to. I used to get so many ants in my pants to run right out and find ALL THE THINGS that were in your toy boxes, but now I'm satisfied to just admire and appreciate what's on your hoops and q-snaps.

Is this what maturity is all about, Charlie Brown?

Not much new to report. BellyBean and I have been trying our damndest to behave, and we're learning to like new things like spaghetti squash and almond milk, and we've hacked our afternoon cold brew to within an inch of its life to make it as diet-friendly as possible.

Well, I'm heading into the closet to tidy and re-arrange and futz and putz about for a bit. I've left things a bit...chaotic in there, and I'm ready for it to look like an actual human person lives here rather than a fraternity of pack rats.

Happy Tuesday, Dearies!


  1. Botanical Bee is looking awesome, Coni! Still loving your fabric choice! It is fun to see what is in everyone's hoop/q-snap/hands; one of the reasons I love attending stitch groups and/or retreats. Once you finish futzing and putzing there, please come and motivate me to do the same.

  2. I had to futz and putz in the closet over the weekend. Repairmen were scheduled for some attic work first thing on Monday, and attic access is in the closet! Tonight I stitch guilt-free!

  3. We had some gutter work done so it was necessary to hack away at the honeysuckle and the grape vine. Up and down the ladder. My muscles doth protest. Our creative efforts keep us all sane. Hope to get back to mine after I recover somewhat from bronchitis.

  4. It seems I need to clean out the linen and other stuff closet every couple years. Don't know what goes on in there.

    1. That cracked me up! My stash closet is downright dangerous and in dire need of a clean up.

  5. I am happy now to just look, I usually have something in my stash that's close anyway!