Apr 29, 2018


JB and I had a delightful night out at a local Mexican restaurant with our friends Barney and Norma. I sometimes forget that I have the ability to actually leave my Happy Chair and pretend to be a fully functioning adult human that wears mascara and a bra a proper shoes...so it was nice to be reminded of that.

Today I am going to do a few small household chores, send Lovey to the Martins for provisions, do a little planning in my Erin, and stitch stitch stitch. Maynia has my little hampster wheel spinning, and I am trying to figure out a way to participate without throwing myself into a tantrum by not reaching goals and deadlines. I'm hung up on the number 31...thinking that the only proper way for me to "win" is 31 of something, but that already sets me up for failure since I know there are days in the 31 that I will not feel well enough to play.

Hmmm...methinks I need to break out the WD-40, grease that little wheel up, and get it spinning faster.

The sun is shining and the birds are sweetly tweeting today (even if I can't see them here at CS2). Oh, how I miss the view that once was from the Happy Chair:

But now I suppose I should be grateful for the new one and stop mourning what once was:

(Lovey has bed head and is not keen to share photos of it, so I will obey (for once) and not overshare.)

(But I do find it endearing that he has a gorgeous head of hair and is quite vain about it...just like my dear dad was.)

So that's the Sunday musings from Yours Truly, Dearies. I hope that your very own day is exactly what you want it to be. Come tell me...blah blah blah.


  1. Happy Sunday! How about 31 stitches per week! A nice, achievable Maynia target.

    For all the great memories that CS1 gave you, it didn't include a Lovey who gets provisions and has great hair!

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. Coni, I am thinking about participating in the Maynia thingy too, but realized that I have way too much on my plate than to come up with 31 cross stitches, plus I knit, crochet, wool applique, & am starting punch needle & rug hooking and, oh my, my grandmom duties, and all the rest of my life...soooooo, I am pulling together 15 (YES! only 15) kits of any of my hobbies and giving 2 days of May to doing each with an extra day to any one of the 15..thus 31 days of crafting!!! Most of mine are cross stitch, but I am trying to finish an afghan (crochet), a wool applique purse, a charity baby quilt & some charity cross stitch along with my own favs. We'll see how this turns out. I will only post my stitching on the Maynia FB page. Don't want any upsets that I am not participating the correct way. Do your own thing, girl!!! Stay healthy & have fun!!

  3. Coni,
    Some people are only doing 18 projects for the year 2018 (did this sentence make sense).Anyway I am far too anal to participate in Maynia. I could not mentally abide with 15,18,31 half started projects laying around. I'd drive myself nuts. So I'll live vicariously through everyone else's attempts. Change is difficult and memories of what once was often sting. Memories can be like that: the bee's honey or it's sting. I'll stop waxing philosophical. Enjoy your day.

    Sandra in Texas

  4. Happy Sunday to you, Coni. For my first Stitch Maynia I've decided on 5 new starts and 5 wips since May is the fifth month.

  5. I'm going to try touching 16 WIPs and 2 new projects. How about 31 stitches per day?

  6. This will be my 'MAYNIC!' summer. Stay tuned, I will take a day off and count my WIP's. My grand plan is to catch up with the world by October. Summer in Aridzona is perfect for this as it's so attractive to stay in an air-conditioned house and stitch.

    Coni, you do NOT overshare and while your dialysis reports are alarming, they are reassuring too as you seem calmer about it and more matter of fact each time. Bless you, my prayers for full recovery to health, Charlotte

  7. Maybe you should try to stitch for 31 minutes every day? or if you are having a icky day 3 minutes and 10 seconds? and to echo Charlotte you don't over share, reading your blogs makes me feel like I've had a good chat with a good friend, and that can be sorely needed some days.

    Many don't want to hear about another's ill health for various reasons mostly its fear that it could happen to them, and for some the feeling of helplessness that they cant help. This is your blog and your diary you get to post what you want if some one doesn't like it they can move on. (I don't need to name names now do I :).

    Love you to bits girl, you keep on being you, not many are brave enough to do that these days.

  8. Maynia is way to overwhelming for me. I like to sit back and watch all the maynia :) And I hope whatever you manage to do makes you happy!

  9. I am watching Maynia but not participating formally. I plan to just work on what I want and that makes me happy. I don't feel like I have to do Maynia to accomplish something; stitching should be the fun journey, not stressful, so just do what feels good for you. Happy stitching.