Apr 21, 2018


No stitching to report this morning, Dearies. I came home from the chair, ate pizza, and went to bed (in that order).

Today has dawned bright and early for me, so I am going to take advantage of feeling relatively well to go forth and enjoy. Plans are afoot to go to the Xfinity store to organize contraptions here at CS2, perhaps a light breakfast, and then a day on campus going to and fro. Today is the annual Blue/Gold game...the Spring practice at the Notre Dame...and despite my connection to said place, I've never been.

So that's the plan for now. I suppose my energy level will dictate most of it, but I'm going to give it my best. Here's hoping that your very own plans consist of everything you desire and nothing you don't...come tell me all about it!


  1. Coni, you inspire me to get going.

  2. After a week of chair time, here is hoping your weekend
    is both invigorating and relaxing...Enjoy it all.....
    Feeling relatively well is hopefully a sign your
    treatment tolerance level us inching up ... Praying so...

  3. Coni Dear what fun be careful though that you don't overdo. Stop & rest when you need & stay hydrated!
    I went with a friend yesterday to shower at her place as she's got a walk in. Then we just hung around & I met her new beauty & some of his pals. Quite colorful characters. All in all a good day & was totally pooped by the time I got home. A quick bite to eat 30 min of TV & hit the sack! I've done my am ecersizes now I'll tackle the breakfast dishes a little stitching & itll be afternoon excersize time 😋 perhaps more stitching and some tv too.
    That's all I can manage after yesterday. Sure wish this new knee was bending a lil easier but it's only 9 days since surgery & PT is pleased so I guess it's the way it's supposed to be so far.
    Have a blessed day y'all

  4. I hope you have a wonderful day. Remember to take it easy when needed! Hope the Blue/Gold game is a fun outing!

  5. Hope you were able to enjoy everything you had planned!