Apr 15, 2018


Rich is at Mass and then doing the grocery shopping for the week, and I'm sitting in the Happy Chair on my big fat fanny having some damn good and reading the paper.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, Dearies! My day was quiet and peaceful and full of good food and lots of stitching...exactly what I had hoped for!

My Prairie Schholer piece is getting soooo close to completion! I am hoping to buckle down this afternoon and finally Git 'Er Done, but there are also plans afoot to re-org the cube room studio today, so I will probably be more like a squirrel in traffic.

Not sure what will be next on the agenda. I was planning and plotting and plotting and planning in my head last night and was contemplating a stab at Stitch Maynia this year...but with a twist. Rather than starting 31 new things in May, I was thinking about stitching on 31 WIPs. Even if I only put a few minutes into each, at least I will have pulled them from the depths and given them a little love.

Or maybe I will finish/finish 31 things.

Or...and this seems to be the best idea: Make a commitment to stitch at least 31 minutes every single day.

Oey. The possibilities abound! If any of you have a good idea for me to get better organized with this thing of ours...I'm all ears!

Dreary, rainy day today means an inside walk on the gym treadmill and lots of Happy Chair time. Rich will probably watch the sports on the TeeVee all afternoon, and then maybe we'll watch a few good movies or the next few episodes of Billions.  Who knows?

Hope your Sunday is wonderfully swell and that you are able to do everything your heart desires. Come tell us all about it!


  1. If I get a few things done around the house, I'll be happy. DH still is suffering. I don't know if our lives will ever be the same. Your Prairie Schooler is beautifully stitched. Would love to see pics of your cube while you're organizing. You can do it, Coni. You've got so many organizational skills at your fingertips. I always admire that. Take care. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  2. Your PS stitch is looking good. Hmmm, stitch maynia! I like the idea of stitching 31 minutes each day. Perhaps combine that with 31 WIPs and go from there. Enjoy your Sunday, Coni!

  3. Although rain has been predicted here, the sun is shining
    gloriously over the blooming cherry trees, Easter Sunday-like, so I send warm rays of it to lighten and warm your
    day. Your PS is such a lovely piece. Where do you find
    the energy for the cube room after the treadmill? You
    are a wonder. Hope you and JB have a splendid Sunday.

  4. Hi Coni, Happy Belated Birthday! My birthday is today and I plan to spend some time in a happy chair as well. I so enjoy your blog and don't tell you that, so now I will let you know that I love reading what is going on in your world, seeing your projects, hearing about JB, etc., etc. I am also inspired by your thoughts and ideas for Maynia. HB'day from NM. Katie

  5. Good morning Coni & girls.
    Boy oh boy that stitching sure looks pretty. You are a very talented woman. If you decide to work in your cube room, PLEASE DON'T overdo it. Set a timer for 20 min or so then STOP a little bit done at a time is better than all done & falling over because you worked too hard.
    My post surgery report is OMG! My poor ol big booty sure doesn't swivel like it used to. Like they say " no pain, no gain. Hey even with the brace & new knee I lost 4 lbs so it's all good LOL
    Y'all have a Blessed day
    Becca G

  6. Happy Birthday, Coni. I, too, would vote for 31 minutes per day - stitching is like meditating and good for the soul. Ok, there are times when it seems the devil gets into my threads and causes a bit of tangled frustration, but for the most part my stitching time is heaven. I think everyone deserves a little bit of heaven each day. Go for it!

  7. Like yout idea of working on 31 WIPs ...and am really happy to know someone else HAS 31 WIPs! Lol

  8. A belated Happy Birthday Coni!

  9. Yes 31 projects in May. 31 minutes won’t cut it because imo it takes that amount of time to reorganize my brain to get back into a wip and then get into stitchy mode. I’d love to see your wip though! Have a great day!

  10. I like your idea of stitching on 31 WIPs during the month of Maynia stitching!!! But, making sure to stitch at least 31 minutes each day is also another brilliant idea! Good luck with the stitchy organization; I've been trying for years and finally gave up - more time for stitching that way!

  11. I love your Stitch Maynia ideas! Any one would be awesome! Also your Prairie Schooler stitch is looking fabulous!!

  12. At this point in my life (I'm 77), I don't want to start 31 new projects, and I don't have 31 WIPs. That leaves 31 minutes stitching per day. I love it! Thanks for the idea.

  13. Coni, Happy belated birthday!! I love your stitchy room. It is so well organized and ai love organization (though you'd never know it by looking at my stash). I loved your maynia ideas. I would go completely nuts if I started 18 or 31 projects. I'm pretty monogamous with my stitching. Last year I devoted the year to wips and finished most of them. The idea of stitching at least 31 minutes a day is the one I am going to adopt. I think it's doable and generally once I start stitching I don't want to put it down so that would be good. Thanks for the ideas. Keep on keeping on!!

  14. I certainly have MORE than 31 WIPs but I think it would be good to do the 31 minutes a day and use that time to stitch on your WIPs, whether you stitch on all of them is your choice. I may try to do something like that although I had plans to stitch several Christmas ornaments for family this year. Either way, I need to get in gear!! It has finally been a good day here in Kansas; not a high wind and the sun has been shining and temps were good, just makes you feel so much better. Hugs and happy stitching.

  15. I'm with the others who like 31 minutes a day. I need to find Stitch Mania... sounds like fun. Is it on Facebook?
    Happy Birthday to you and Aunt Chrissy!

  16. Where do you find
    the energy for the cube room after the treadmill?