Nov 13, 2017


So Rich and I, it turns out, are both 'crastinators of the pro variety.

Every morning, he gets up at the crack of holy heck who gets out of bed this early, and he works out or sits quietly reading papers on his phone or catching up on all of his TeeVee viewing.  

Then, when I stumble out of the big girl sleigh bed, we sit and have our coffee together as I try to wake up and he tries to solve world peace in his head.

(We call these our morning meetings).

Invariably, we both will look up at the clock and say "Five more minutes" and before we know it, the entire morning is completely shot and we're contemplating the lunch menu.

Today is no exception.  We've pondered and puttered and futzed and chatted the morning away, and now he is working on his laptop contraption on the sectional and I am thinking about doing laundry.

Thinking about doing laundry.

Who THINKS about doing laundry?!  Who sits and THINKS and then WRITES about doing laundry rather than just DOING the laundry?!?!

A PROcrastinator, thankyouverymuch.

Tonight we are heading over to campus for a basketball game.  I'm pretty excited to do so, since I think my last visit to that arena was sometime in the late 80's.  I remember cute man heinies and good hot dogs.  

Here's hoping they still have both.

(For the record, in case my nutritionist is reading this, I only have naughty foods once in a very great while.  Although I am hoping for hot dogs, I will most assuredly have soup and salad tonight instead since I had my hot dog on Friday night at the hockey game.)

(If my nutritionist is not reading this...I'm having the damn hot dog.)

So that's the report on a Monday, Dearies.  Procrastinating and laundry and hot dogs.  I hope that your very own Monday is full of the things that you love.  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Well, I guess my biggest procrastination comes from reading blogs about stitching and watching Flosstube about stitching but then stitching very little. However, I love all the laughter and giggles that this brings and consider that to help me toward the gratitude attitude. Gratitude that those of us who are introverts are gradually getting comfortable with meeting with more of those who are extroverts. Glad that I get to learn more of others and their joys and passions of their crafts. Gratitude that sometimes watching more and more people that are unlike me helps me to learn to be more appreciative of their fun/unique personalities that make me realize I was missing something of meeting more people. And even when things go awry and people are sometimes too bold in their criticisms and meanness of comment, we learn more and more how important our words and actions are. Having a blog or a flosstube channel is a special blessing shared with us and a gift to those of house who are house-bound. It is not something we take lightly but are so grateful for your generosity of spirit.
    Thank you so very much for sharing with us.

  2. Ooohh I'm a pro too! I've texted before I've even left the bed in the am about figuring I might be doing laundry later on with possibly vacuuming - probably not dusting cause I really dislike dusting so put it off as much as indecently possible. All this to an old guy friend from back in high school days (41 yrs ago) OMG no wonder he looks old.
    I recon I'll get me a spot of lunch maybe some cheese 'n crackers with a lil dab of peanut butter & a sweet tea?
    In a minute or so

  3. I LOVE, and intend to steal, that header. I really hate the days that my husband wakes at the same time (or before) me. I need that quiet, do nothing, drink coffee, think about task and read, start. Hope the game and the hot dog are both great.

    Mary in MN

  4. From one "pro" to another. Did you know that dust is a four-letter word? Nuff said.

  5. Better watch these morning habits. My sweetie and I usually start our days at the crack of noon, or 1:00, or 2:00. He is up early to start his day and have his "private time" I stumble out about 10:00. What wonderful time together !~ ENJOY !

  6. That saying was made for me! Keep up the good 'crastinating'

  7. I am certainly in great company in the 'crastinating club!!! lol

  8. I simply posted a fridge note: Dust testing in progress - Do NOT disturb test sites.

    Works wonders!!

  9. I think I invented procrastinating...and my laundry pile backs that up. I will get to it...eventually...

    Have a wonderful day! xo Mj

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  11. Yep, I'm a proster too. Where have all of you been? I've felt so alone. I feel so welcome....As though I have landed in a nest of friends!

  12. Good to know I am a pro at something! HA! Hope that hotdog was as good as you remember :)