Nov 12, 2017


I got up early today, took a hot scrubby shower, got myself dressed in suitable clothings, and went to Mass with Rich.  

I was a bit lost in thought and feeling several things happened to snap me out of it.

First...a little family came in and sat in front of us with a mom and a dad and an uncle and two tiny little boys.  The little guys were all decked out in tiny little flannel shirts and itty bitty little khaki pants and sporty little shoes, and they were so damn cute I almost couldn't stand it.  And I immediately thought of my mom and how much she would have enjoyed sitting behind these little guys, and how she would have made faces and cooed and smiled at them and if they would have misbehaved, how she would have given them a nickel or quarter for doing so.

She was kinda ornery that way.

And then the Rector introduced the presiding priest, and right there in front of God and everybody (literally) was the priest that had to sign my formal withdrawl papers when I left Notre Dame for a year when Mom got sick and then died.  I was a mess the day I withdrew and remember reaching down and taking off my ring to hand it back (because I thought that's what I was supposed to do), and Fr. Beauchamp patted my hand and told me I could keep my ring on and whenever I felt myself feeling lonely or lost in Phoenix, I should just look down at it and know that the Notre Dame family was praying for me and that I could come "home" whenever I felt strong enough to do so.  And when Mom died, Fr. Beauchamp was one of the first people to call my dad to make sure he was taking care of himself.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this happening, my Jersey Boy looked over, gave me a nice warm smile, and then he took my hand and held it.  This might not seem like a very big deal, but it was the exact right thing at the exact right moment, and it hit me that instead of bawling my eyes out today with grief and sadness...I want to remember and celebrate all of the things that made my mom so extraordinary.

They have a Book of Remembrance on the altar steps, so after Mass we went up and I wrote "In memory of and in thanksgiving for Bob, Sig, and Stewey Rich" and then we went down and lit candles at the Grotto.  The thought of my mom and dad and Stewey up there watching over me and rolling their eyeballs over the latest neurotic lunatic shenanagins I've gotten myself into are somehow comforting, and I guess I am feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet that I had them all as long as I did.

A good breakfast out and freh pajamas later, and I am in the Happy Chair with the papers and my sippy cup.  Rich is watching football and doing his laundry (!) and I am contemplating Christmas stitching.

The script is officially flipped, Dearies.  At least for today.  Thank you for indulging me and letting me share a woman named Sig with you.  I do wish she were here to entertain you, but I have a feeling she's very happy to watch from far as you all indulge and care for her idiot daughter.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Well done Coni - after my email last night I was going to mention trying Mass again but I don't like people pushing religion on me and it is something that has to come from a place within and that is when "Godsmacks" happen. The right priest at the right time - magic! I am so glad you are feeling better. Considering where you were last Thanksgiving and how far you have come this Thanksgiving you really do have lots and lots to be thankful for. Not only do I say God Bless you - God has really blessed you! Keep on smiling thru all the tears.

  2. Coni, that was God, your folks and Stewey sending you a little comfort. Things do come round full circle and I bet your Mom has gotten Stewey to stop peeing on the household articles. Glad you had joy with today.

  3. Sometimes you make me laugh and sometimes you make me cry. Today it is cry.

  4. So good to hear the happiness in your "looks" good on you. And hang onto Rich....he sounds like a definite keeper! So appreciated when a man just knows when to take your hand when it silently can can cover a thousand words that are just too difficult to utter.

  5. Wonderful! Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  6. Wonderful! Happiness finds the Spinster Stitcher at just the right time! Awesome!😁 Staying tuned for further stitchy + Holidaze updates 🙃🌲☃️🎄📿

  7. You have to know that your moms' strength, passion and sassiness is in your DNA. You are stronger than you think and you carry her with you everyday.

  8. It's been said before, but you look SO like your mother. All will be well my friend. Even if you are sobbing your eyes out all is well because you have loved. Siggy and Stewey are with you in spirit and watching you carry on with your life. You have a part of them with you, as we always have those we have loved with us. I will be thinking of you this week.

  9. I could have this completely wrong, Coni, because of really only knowing about South African universities, but today on the Chilly Hollow blog, Jane has a reference to: , the 16th of which is, I strongly suspect, Notre Dame, judging from what you've told us about it. Now, it's a pretty elementary, entry-level piece which might be an insult to your skill levels, but OTOH you aren't a healthy Spinster and activities that are intrinsically attractive but require very little intellectual focus (!) could be just the thing now and then. I'm sorely in need of a brainless activity, preferably painted on 10-count, but I'm making a present for a dear friend and it's got to be (nearly) as special as he is, so focus is totally required. Oh well, I'm aiming for a Christmas finish but won't realistically get there. We'll see!

    Carry on stitching, and be happy about making us happy with your updates.

    1. Miss have a very good eye! Indeed it is Notre Dame starium! And, methinks there's no such thing as an insult to my skill level. I still think of myself as a beginner and think of every piece as a challenge!

  10. That was a God moment and a message just for you...and you
    had to be at Mass to catch it.. what a great way to start your Sabbath rest.... JB is a sensitive, compassionate soul and you are blessed to have him in your life at this
    time....or any time. Just embrace it all and be grateful.
    So happy that you are....

  11. Smiles and hugs for you today :)

  12. Hi Coni: I am so sad your Mother is gone but the memories will help you to remember her, our family and friends can be taken from us but not the memories of them, we can hold them dear to our hearts.
    What a day this must have been for you, lucky you have Rich with you.
    What a beautiful photo of your Mother.
    We have a Remembrance book in Church, last Sunday the people who died this year were remembered with a lighting of a candle, this was hard but something we never did before, with our new Priest we have started this tradition a couple of years ago.


  13. You go girl!!! Look at you handling stuff and the garbage life sometimes throws us. Here's my long ago story. My Dad up and left my Mom and I on July 5, 1971. I was 14 years old. He left a note for my Mom to find when she came home from work for lunch. ANNNNDDDD, he took off with my Mom's bestest friend. Which we found out 2 weeks after he left when he sent a letter in the mail saying, "well by now you know XXXXXXX is with me." We did not, we drove over to her apartment to find it empty. During those two weeks she was with us, buying me clothes and telling us he would be back. Anyway, everybody has their story. We all survived. After lots of tears and wailing, "WWHHHYYYYYY!!!"

    Proud of you, Coni :)

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love what you felt!

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  16. You look so much like your mom. And all the things happening at the perfect time for you made me so happy. You just give me the warm cuddlies :)