Apr 17, 2012


Oh, how can I explain what it's like to sit in my big chair and let your kindness wash over me? You just ROCK my silly little world with all of the nice things you have to say. THANK YOU, my dear stitchy friends! THANK YOU!

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that Stewey is horrified that you encourage me. As you know, he's not exactly thrilled with most of what I do and/or don't do around here, so when you tell me that I'm swell and this results in me dancing about the living room clutching the computer mouse in my hands like an Academy Award while chanting "They LIKE me! They really really LIKE me!", he heads right for the drapes.

Humility, thy name is Mo-ther.

No stitching to report from last night, I'm afraid. I went face first into a bowl of popcorn and didn't come up for air until it was time to hit the big girl sleigh bed. I think it might be only the second or third night so far this year that I didn't poke something with a needle and thread. (heavy, heavy sigh)


  1. You are most definitively a keeper. LOL We wouldn't trade you fir nuttin'. XP

  2. You're a stitching fiend. And even stitching fiends sometimes deserve a night off!

    Love the bunny!

  3. Of course we like you - you're warm, kind, funny as all get out and a great stitcher! What's not to like! And of course, we like Stewey too.

  4. So are you feeling better Coni?

    Kisses to Stewey and Bosco...

  5. We not only like you we love you! I love ready your blog, some days it just makes me laugh out loud. I KNOW that our furbabies have attitude! The other day i scolded my little terrier for picking on the greyhound...I know....and she promptly went into the hallway and went wee! She knows better...so that taught me to hold my tongue and to let the greyhound fend for himself.
    We all have days we don't stitch, it is ok.
    Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it!
    Judy in Kansas

  6. I seldom post, but must come out of lurking, at the risk of alienating Master Stewey, to say that I think you are hi-larious!!!! Sorry Stewey, but she is, and we will continue to encourage her.

  7. My dear Stewey yes your Mo-ther is an awesome person and a great stitcher, so you may as well get use to it.
    Minnie's dog Bud

  8. You are crafty funny and very human,how can i not love you? when you don't post I miss you. I think my chi."casey" has a crush on Stewey. ;) from a Alabama "hooker" to a awesome stitcher: have a Great Day!!!

  9. Stewie.....give your mother a break. My mom would love to get something done and have someone to fuss over it. So when she wants to do a happy dance, let her. .....your friend Scully