Apr 24, 2012


In the category of "Why can't she do anything in moderation" is the report of the events of Sunday afternoon.  "Stewey", my idiot mo-ther announced.  "I think I'm going to make meatballs today".

Four hours and a lot of sweating and grunting later, I entered the kitchen to find my mo-ther sprawled out on the floor muttering "Thirty six.  I've just made thirty six meatballs."

Good thing this isn't the week that she decided to become a vegetarian.

On the stitching front, progress continues on Needle Delights Originals Tahiti.  This was the project for Mo-ther and Aunt Chrissy's newly joined ANG guild, and with all things in her life, Mo-ther is woefully behind schedule.  She is enjoying it, though, so if laundry day proves successful today, she'll get quite a but accomplished while the towels and underpants splosh about in the machine.

The moment Mo-ther saw this next one she knew that she had to have it.  It's called Flowers, Awake! and it's from Miss Karen of Rosewood Manor.  The linen is called Barnwood, and all of the threads are DMC.  I think that this one will get started as soon as its "companion" called Barnwood Buttons gets finished.  I'll  keep you posted.

Finally, I'm happy to report that my mom and Aunt Chrissy have enjoyed several Sissy Days lately, and the old lady is sporting a pretty pink manicure and perfectly trimmed bangs (for once).  I also suspect that there have been a few stitchy shopping trips, since the contents of the tote bag revealed a few new supplies for the studio.   The light bulb was my idea, since I can only imagine the hair-pulling angst that would result from a late night outage.  Mom has been stitching under a proper stitching light now instead of the nuclear halogen desk lamp, and I'm determined to keep her quiet and sans flames.

That's the report for today, my dear friends.  I'm headed to the back patio for a little sunbathing and squirrel chasing.  I hope that you are all well and warm and safe and dry and that your needles are flying!

With much love from your devoted pal,


  1. Hey meatballs can be a JOB! Good for 'ya on the bulb.Good light is so important. Lovely "Flowers Awake" can't wait to see it close up.

  2. Keep inspiring me Coni!! My stitching has taken a back seat to all things crazy in life. Love the Tahiti, wish I was there,lol.

  3. Glad to see you survived the meatballs!! Your work is fab as usual. I love the Tahiti. I will have to go to ANG and check it out for myself, although I am no where near a expert a stitcher as you.

  4. Tahiti looks fab! I surely want to stitch this one someday. Love it!

  5. Hey, making meatballs is a lot of work, the good part is they will serve several meals.
    Love your new RM piece, I have it too and am looking forward to making it.
    Just went to PTP last week, barnwood is very pretty fabric.
    Love your blog.
    Judy in Kansas

  6. Hi Coni! Nice to see you and Stewey blogging. Judy in Kansas (above) and I just returned to reality from a wonderful long stitchy weekend, including a stop at PTP. We would love to show you around there if you are ever in Kansas!

    Debbie in Kansas

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous piece you are working on..the Tahiti one!!! Love the different stitches you are using and the colors are so pretty!

    When I look at this, I think someday I want to attempt some of this type work. I've never tried the canvas work.

  8. Mmm,meatballs sound yummy. Tahiti looks great!