Sep 28, 2009


Today is our first official cool and blustery day here in Hoosierville. Stewey has decided to declare this the "Day of the Blanket" and spend it cuddled up on his perch. His little hands and feet were popsicles this morning, so I'm hoping he gets warmed up before my nap time. (*)

I worked on "The Riddle" this weekend, but the progress looks a little meagre in the light of day. I had completed a good portion of the bargello grass in between the two trees, but had to frog it and the tree on the left due to a temporary lack of counting skills brought on by a little overdose of hunky-tude.

(I need to start writing things down: Never work on something that requires concentration when Gerard Butler and/or Jeffrey Dean Morgan are in the immediate vicinity of the TeeVee.)

I'm going to have a cup of tea now, and I am determined to figure out how to make a good one if it kills me this year. For some reason I think about how lovely a cup of tea would be, but then the end result leaves me a little...blech. Maybe I should stick with coffee?

(*) Yes, I know the damn dog doesn't have hands and feet and I completely anthropomorphise him, but a Spinster's gotta do what a Spinster's gotta do, eh?

(Wow. Such a big word for a Monday.)


  1. He looks as snug as a bug in a rug! Actually he often has this woebegotten look on his face, just like my Grace Kelly....such a hard life as they lead!
    I agree that there are certain tee vee programmes that don't go so well with complicated stitching. It is still looking lovely.

  2. Of course Stewey has hands and feet, how else would he "BLOG"???

  3. I totally understand the hands and feet reference, but then again I do think of my cats as "kids that eat on the floor". LOL!

    I am loving your progress on "The Riddle", makes me think about pulling it out of my stash. I'm about teady to start a new project.

    Love your blog and love little Stewey too, but don't tell him or he might get an attitude. Oh wait, he already has one. Nevermind.

  4. So glad it is cooling off...It is easier to stitch without persperation running into my eyes!
    Stewey looks comfy, and The Riddle is coming along nicely too!

  5. A good cuppa of tea? Never bring your water to a boil and never let your tea steep for to long. Soemting in learned which made all the difference!

    Stewey looks to cozy for words. Have I ever told you that I want Stewey's life? :)


  6. P.S. I Love You was a wonderfully distracting little movie, wasn't it??? =)

    It's still looking so pretty!

  7. Oh, Gerard Butler makes my toes curl. Oooh, baby! So handsome and such a lovely accent. The first place I ever saw him was in "Dear Frankie". Considering how many movies you watch, you've certainly seen it. If not, you and Mr. Cozy Toes need to hustle right over to the closest movie rental place.

  8. The Riddle looks lovely. You do stitch quickly!
    For a really good cup of tea here in the UK we'd warm the pot first, then use boiling water and allow to mash for at least three to four minutes, but adjust that to your taste.

  9. Man, today I wish I was Stewey, he really looks comfortable.

  10. After seeing Wandering I am totally lusting after this design. Can you tell me where you purchased it.

  11. Dear Conni, I am writing to respectfully request that you refrain from posting any more extremely tempting update pictures about "The Riddle" so as not to further tempt me into buying yet another pattern for my stash that I will only think that I can find time to stitch.

    Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!!


    (Aw, never mind. I'll just live vicariously through your lovely progress on this piece!!)

  12. Dear Coni,

    Please ignore the fact that I misspelled your name in my comment to you. I must have been overcome by viewing yet another gorgeous photo of your progress on "The Riddle."

    I am very sorry. I meant no disrespect. I hope no offense was taken.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  13. The Riddle is looking great! I had to frog that grass too. I found out I kept messing up because on the detail chart the bottom row is missing! Once I realized that it was smooth sailing! :) Can't wait to see more - I had so much fun stitching this one!

  14. I like Stewey's idea--hunker down and get cozy! Love your progress on The Riddle!

  15. I have some really strong herbal tea that warms me up on these chilly days without giving my shaky/sweaty hands from an overdose of coffee. ;)

    Looks like Stewey needs a little sweater. LOL!