Sep 26, 2009


So here I am on a Saturday morning, trying to do anything I can to avoid the very long list of chores that await me. In a shameless attempt to distract myself completely, I decided to post a brief summary of my 300-pound hummingbird routine.

First up is "The Riddle". It doesn't look like very much, but that stitching on the bottom took me through the entire "Sex and The City" movie. Twice.

I have to say that it really is quite enjoyable to stitch, but I have to remind myself to be delicate...the silks are really lovely and soft compared to heavier threads I've been slapping on canvases.

Speaking of....I outlined the hearts on "Floating Hearts" but am not sure that I like it. I know, I know, y'all told me to leave well enough alone, but I just had to see what it would look like with Very Velvet stem stitched around each:

That took me all the way through "Finding Forrester". I wonder how long it will take to rip it all out?

Finally, there's "Wandering". The silks arrived, so I was able to complete the backgrounds and change those dots from Impressions to Soie Cristale:
I'm still not too thrilled with the stem stitched outlines of the swirls, but I have promised myself that I will leave it alone until the entire piece is finished and I can see it all at once. I do like the silk backgrounds, though, even it it did take all of "Howard's End" to do two lousy blocks.

Uh oh. Stewey has just stomped into the office to advise me that the laundry needs to get done today or he's going to find accomodations elsewhere. Considering the coolness of the evenings lately, I suppose I better hop to it, or I'm going to lose my little furry leg warmer.

Happy Weekend, kids!


  1. I do like the outlining! All your work is perfection!

    Hope you and Stewey have a great weekend! Tell Aunt Chrissy "hi".

    Amy aka:alnstitches

  2. I do line the outlining on the hearts! Gives them some dimention. But then again, I like them without it too - so what help am I? You've made great progress on the Riddle - I love that one quite a bit. And I really like the Wandering too. You have such nice pieces in progress and I love watching everything that you do.

  3. Your work is lovely. I do like the Riddle. Altho, not that you need my opinion, I think I liked the hearts better without an outline. But that is such a pretty piece! Love the colors!

    Tell Stewie Hi!


  4. The Riddle is beautiful. I have been admiring it on several blogs. I like the outline around the hearts. I agree with Deb that it gives them dimension. But they looked good without the outline too, so I guess it comes down to what you like best. Nice WIPs.

  5. Conni, Do Not... I say Do Not change those hearts !!! The big hearts pop out now. Before it was just the satin stitch hearts popping out. Not anymore !!! It looks great!!!! I love the other Canvas. Those are my colors !!!

  6. I do like the outlining makes the hearts POP! Don't change a thing. Beautiful work.

    Hi Stewey!

    Sue n MD

  7. Connie....don't change the outline. It brings the piece from finished to FINISHED! It really looks perfect.
    Now, I'm off to bounce down some bunny trails of my own. :-)

  8. I think the outlining definitely adds to the piece. It gives more of a 3-D look and makes the hearts seem as if they are floating forward and backward. When you talked about outlining with Very Velvet, I thought it would be too heavy, but it's just perfect.

  9. Lovely, as usual. When you finish "Wandering" please let us know the colors you used. I'm loving those instead of the original ones. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. Hi Coni,

    I do like the outlining!

    Thanks for your comments on DD's mural!

    One thought about the outlining. What might be bothering you is that it's heavier than the other stitching. If you used Very Velvet how about trying Petite Very Velvet. You would still have the velvet look but it a thinner form.

    If you used Petite Very Velvet, how about using the threads that you stitched for each heart and twisting them or make a cord and couche it down. That would add a little bit of dimension/definition but would not be as apparent.

    I would also like to humbly suggest that you couch down the ribbon that you used to outline the border. Of course, you have probably already thought of this but were waiting till the end before doing the couching. :-)

    I missed commenting when you were trying to decide if you wanted to outline the squares in the border. It looks fine as it is but it would be fun to experiment with some outlining in this area. I would first try just a simple backstitching using just one or two threads of a cream or gray DMC. The other option would be to use Kreinik #4 braid in the same color as the ribbon that you used for the outline. It would add a gentle sparkle without a lot of bling. Hmmmm.. You could also add Kreinik blending filament to the DMC and see how that looks. :-)

    If you can't decide on what to do ask Stewey! With his fashion sense, I'm sure he would have several wonderful suggestions. :-)

    You've done a wonderful job with this canvas and I'm looking forward to seeing what you ultimately decide that it needs! :-)

    Windy Meadow

    If you want to "talk" you can find me at
    cyn underscore stitches at yahoo dot com :-0

  11. Well, gee, I don't have any advice about the hearts. I think they looked good before, and they look good now ... just different. You know best, Coni.

    If that much of the Riddle took you two watchings of SatC, I can't imagine how long it'd take me. It's gonna be pretty.

    Wandering looks like loads of fun, with all of things going on in it. Can't wait to see more of that one.

  12. you please tell me where The Riddle is from? Who's the designer or where I can get it. You always do such neat things, but that one I just have to have.


  13. My Coni, you sure have been busy! I think the outlining of the hearts makes them pop - I like it!

    The Riddle is a beautiful piece -- keep at it so we can see more!

  14. The only riddle I'm aware of is how I can possibly find more stitching time so that I, too, can stitch "The Riddle." Must. Squeeze. More. Hours. Into. Day.

    I nearly watched "Finding Forrester" tonight. Missed seeing it when it was new umpteen years ago.

    I have to agree with the others. Those hearts are a poppin' now!

  15. I prefered the hearts without the outline I'm afraid, I think less is more in this case, they look a little too fussy. But it's your work, so it's your decision.

  16. Great progress on The Riddle--I love that DT. I love the verse on it.

    Beautiful work on the hearts, too. You go girl!!

  17. The hearts look absolutely wonderful . . . they pop and work so well with the square outline. Beautiful work!

  18. Hi Coni,

    My two cents: I liked Floating Hearts before but I think the outlining makes it look truly "FEE NEE"!

    I love everything about The Riddle and I can't wait to see it displayed in your home.

    As for "Wandering" ... ooh la la!!! It is gorgeous!!! Well worth the time and effort you are putting into it!

    Keep going with that fantabulous rotation!!! I've never been able to stick to one and I also suffer from that *thing* that always makes me want to start a new project before finishing the 89 others already started, but I am rooting for you!!! I figure if you can do it, maybe I can, too!!! (someday...;)

  19. I came across your site and enjoy the beautiful stitching and reading your blog. Took your advice and bought a pair of cheap reading glasses. Wow I can see the linen threads! I thought my glasses with bifocals would be enough--no way. Anyways I'm back enjoying stitching again although I taking out alot of missed X's. Hey I'm a Hoosier too!! (Schererville) Wish you and Stewey well