Jun 17, 2024


The frogging went much faster than I anticipated, so I was able to remove stitches and replace stitches and add a few extra stitches for good measure before bed last night.

Today we managed to bob about in the pool for a bit before a pop-up shower started, and I am now happily ensconced with stitching, a cold brew, and the greatest movie ever made...Fatso.

Dinner in a few hours, and then I'm looking forward to a stitchy evening!

What's new with you, Dearies?


  1. Coni, how to you make cold brew at home? Mine has turned out tasting terrible. - marlene on Cape Cod

    1. Hi, Marlene! I use one of two kinds...either Starbucks or Kirkland brand from Costco in the silver can. For the Starbucks, I add equal parts concentrate and water, then a bit of flavored cream or syrup, and a splash of half and half. For the Costco brand, I open the can, add syrup and cream, and done! For a treat, I'll add a bit of cold foam (which looks a whole lot like Reddi Whip).

    2. Are you asking how to brew it? If you are, use quality coffee, add a tiny pinch of salt, & filter it through paper before you drink it

  2. Or I call DoorDash and order a Trenta Cold Brew with one pump of white chocolate sauce, one pump of dark caramel sauce, a splash of half and half and salted caramel cold foam. 😬

  3. Glad the reverse stitching went smoothly and that you added some extra stitching to it! It is looking good, Coni.