Jun 16, 2024



See those three curly leaves on that long green horizontal stem?

They have to all come out. 😖

Why, you ask? If you look at the area where the stem connects to the base of the red flower, and you check it against the chart (something I did eleventy-seven times last night), you will see that I muffed it and left out about three whole rows of stitches.

No, I can't fudge it, and no, I can't ignore my error. This is the right side of a symmetrical design, and it will just throw the whole. thing. off.

Phooey. Guess we know what I'll be doing today!

P.S. It's hot outside..


  1. I laughed out loud when I read the cornbread comment! I love your blog and have been reading here for several years.
    Naomi from OK

  2. We'll be getting that weather here in New England starting Tuesday

  3. Bummer on the removing of those stitches! Our weather pattern is going to be very similar to yours this entire week. UGH!

  4. Hopefully those stitches come out easier than they went in.

  5. I always joke that frogging stitches is still retro progress! I always feel better when I get done. Hot and humid here too. AC getting replaced tomorrow. Its not keeping up and is 20 y/o. Was it really that long ago we put it in!? I got two little projects to take to the finisher this week. And a big one pending... seriously thinking of doing some chip goldwork on a trumpet on the nutcracker. Am I crazy? Not feeling beads.

  6. We've all been there....😭🙃

  7. Hate taking stitches out, but sometimes it just must be done. Your hot weather is headed east. So glad it will be tempered a bit out here on the edge. — marlene on Cape Cod.