Dec 1, 2023


 Heart In Hand
Wee Santa 2021
32ct Lugana from Colour & Cotton in Old West
DMC floss as called for

This was a delightful little stitch, and if all goes well, I might try my hand at another in the near future. I think, though, that I might play with a little needlepoint next and make a start on the Cashmere Santa.

Rich is ushering the Blue and Gold Invitational track and field meet tonight, so I had a little dinner, watched Serendipity, and did my nails. Tomorrow is our EGA Christmas luncheon, so I wanted to make sure I'm presentable.

How was your Friday, Dearies?


  1. A charming Santa done in record time..
    Enjoy your weekend activities...Nice nails.

  2. Well done on your Santa finish, Coni! I love your fabric choice. Happy Sunday!

  3. I think your wee santa would make a sweet pillow to coordinate with the red windowpane check one on your sofa. You could even stuff it with balsam needles and cinnamon sticks to make it smell extra Christmassy!