Aug 16, 2023


Oh, what fun we had last night at our EGA meeting! Our program/project for the evening was to learn how to bead the peyote stitch to make a little star ornament. (If you are interested in this project, the designer is Creative Angle Crafting. Email:

I confess...the night did not start well, and the first few rounds of me putting beads on string looked like something Stewey would have coughed up on the rug. I felt like I was wearing oven mits and that my hands were suddenly four times too big, and I couldn't see, and I was holding my breath, and I wanted to chuck the entire box right into the Old National Bank conference room trash bin.

But then something magical happened.

Those silly little beads started forming a pattern. And they started "locking" in place. And before I knew it, I was well on my way to having the first (of five) little segments completed!

So here we are on the morning after, and I actually got out of the big girl sleigh bed at 6:45 IN THE MORNING so I could play with my beads a little bit more before starting the day's shenanagins. 

What, I ask you, has come over me?!

If you've been my Dearie Friend for any length of time on this here blog, you know that I am absolutely positively completely and fully allergic to change. And new things. And leaving the house. And trying something that might possibly have the risk of failure. (Remember how my Dear Dad gave me the damn Who Moved My Cheese book and told me to chill and open myself to hew things without fear?)

Well, they're moving my cheese all over the damn place, and although I feel slightly disoriented and a bit overwhelmed, I have to say...

Give yourself permission to sit right down with something new and try. I told myself when I bellied up to the table last night that I might end up with a jumbled mess, and beading might not be "my thing" and I might end up sticking it all into a stash exchange someplace, but my dollar investment was minimal (under twenty bucks for the pattern, a few tubes of beads, some string, and a cheap little bead mat)...but that the fun I had while doing it was priceless.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies! I'm going to re-load my damn good, get the stack of newspapers read, and play the day away! I hope your day is exactly how you'd love it to be! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Well done! I too resist change, and am a perfectionist to boot. So if I try something and it’s not “perfect”, or at least up to my unrealistically high standards, I’m quick to throw in the towel too. As I’ve gotten (a lot) older and (a wee bit) wiser I’m learning to just enjoy the challenge and the process of doing something completely new. I even astounded myself a month ago and went to a painting class where we started out with a blank canvas (gasp!) and two hours later had a finished painting. For someone who can’t even draw a stick figure, that was terrifying. But fun! So ignore the terror, embrace the fun, and bead your little heart out! And yes, peyote stitch projects start out looking like a disaster, but once you get enough done and there is a bit of structure, they start to behave quite nicely. Enjoy!!

  2. Good for you, Coni! I know your Dad is looking down on you with a big grin and cheering you on. I'm in your corner on the change thing ('cuz hard, you know). Have fun with your star project! Happy Wednesday!

  3. How much fun! I ordered a star kit, too! I always wanted to try peyote beading! THANKS

    1. Peyote stitch is awesome. Do give it a try.

  4. Congratulations! I'm always afraid to try something new, especially if I'm around other people who could see me fail. You inspire me to try punch needle! We shall see --- if it works, great. If not, I know where the trash can is!

  5. Good for you, Coni. I know Dawn of Creative Angle and she's written wonderful instructions for the stars! I've made several. There is a great Etsy store for various star designs, too. Be comfortable with them before moving up - but it's definitely another rabbit hole! Debby in CO

  6. (I’m on a new iPad that won’t let your blog recognize me ☹️)

    I did something new too — took an overnight cross-border shopping trip to Buffalo NY on my own. I have travelled on my own before, ut haven’t gone anywhere since COVID and my heart surgery.

    I stocked up on stitch supplies, enjoyed a very late lunch at Cracker Barrel (grilled catfish, steamed broccoli, and a naked baked sweet potato, with plenty left over for lunch today), had ice cream for supper, and got home today without getting lost!

    I wonder if your changed attitude toward change and potential failure is due to your new bean? You have undergone a massive physical change that included the possibility of failure and I don’t just mean the surgery. You changed your habits and your body to prepare for the surgery, and you continue your new habits to take care of yourself and your bean. After all that, the possibility of messing up some beads, or even embarrassing yourself isn’t worth “a hill of beans”. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist 😊)

    Susan Anonymous

  7. I have a new iPad also and can’t comment from my Google account on your blog but can on other blogs. This is also Susan - one of the other Susans. I have loved the last several posts and so happy you are out doing new exciting things. It definitely sounds more like you!

  8. Beading is addictive, isn't it? I've been meaning to make one of these stars.