May 16, 2023


You might remember this piece from my post-transplant time.

I had originally thought to do this piece entirely in tent stitch, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized that it needed/deserved a little oomph. So I spent all day Saturday frogging the five or so sections I had completed, and selected this for the first color:
According to my little stitch book, this is the vertical brick stitch, and I opted to stitch it over four threads instead of over two.

Here's the little book I'm using to select the stitches:

I confess, selecting stitches has always been the very hardest part of painted canvas needlepoint for me. I do very well with stitch guides, but when presented with a canvas that needs something different that tent/continental/basketweave I am inept.

But like anything, I know it will come with practice, so I might play with painted canvas more often to see what I can come up with.

Good In Everything continues with the second row of trees:

I think the little guys there are supposed to be turkeys. As you can see, I started the next tree's stump, and with any luck, it will grow into a fully grown beautiful leafy one by the end of the day.

My Jersey Boy returns this afternoon and we'll be back to our routine in no time. I'm hoping to get out and play a little golf this week, and hopefully the rain will stay away so we can enjoy the fresh air through the open windows. I've been sitting here listening to the birds and enjoying my damn good, but I better get myself organized before time gets away from me.

What's new with you, Dearies? What are you currently playing with that makes your heart sing? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Yes!!! What a difference a speciality stitch makes.

  2. Looks good already. Debby in CO

  3. Your elongated brick stitch looks great! You got this!!

  4. Good call on using various stitches. It seems to me that using all tent stitch might have made such a design looking rather...flat(?).

  5. Have fun playing with your painted canvas piece, Coni! Trees is looking good. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. Yes, yes to upping the textural value of the piece... already looking eye-catching. Welcome home JB...Doesn't Coni look great? and
    less lonely? Get out there and drive & putt......