May 15, 2023


Guess who has decided to crawl out from under her moss-covered rock and slitherwampus back into Guilds?

Yup. I actually did it, Dearies. Put my shoes, socks, underpants, mascara, and lipstick on and took myself to ANG Hoosier Heartland on Saturday and South Bend EGA this morning.

(ANG = American Needlepoint Guild ; EGA = Embroidery Guild of America)

As much as I'd love to tell you that I was quiet, and normal, and did NOT suck the oxygen out of the room with my constant pathological need to chatter away like a nervous circus've watched this movie before, and certainly know better.

The only thing I didn't do (for a change) was break into the full-on-wet-hair-looking-like-I-just-got-out-of-the-shower flop sweat. How this happened, I will never know, but I'm chalking it up to a miracle and lighting a few at the Grotto in thanks.

(Lighting candles, Dearies. Candles. Not ciggie butts, not bottle rockets, not Christmas trees. Candles.)

Stay tuned for more happy adventures! Tomorrow night will be the evening meeting of SB EGA, and if JB's plane is on time, I'll pick him up at the airport and deposit him home in time to attend. And then in June it will be back to the Church Guild in Elkhart!

(Remember that? I used to call my guilds by the locations of their meetings. So I guess, in that spirit, I now belong to: Bank Guild I, Bank Guild II, Library Guild, and Church Guild.)

Now that you know my latest plots and plans you can warn all of Hoosierville to immediately cancel their memberships (or move the meetings to a secret location that requires disguises and a blood sample as well as a code word sophisticated enough to stump Yours Truly.)

(Alternatively, you might contact Tylenol and have them send over a vat or two of the extra strength variety.)

Goodness knows those girls are gonna' need it!

Seriously, though...thank you to both old friends and new for welcoming me back. I promise (she says while clutching both her pearls AND her Ginghers) to try to behave and comport myself to the very best of my limited but well-intentioned ability.


  1. Guilds can be fun . But why so many all at once? Not criticising just wondering.

  2. Oh, Coni. I hope you didn't put your things on in that order. You may feel like a superheroine some days, but underpants go on first,
    I hope you didn't wear yourself out at all of those meetings, but I'm betting finally getting together with your stitching friends boosted you like a rocket! Well done.

  3. So happy for you!

  4. So happy to hear this. I've wondered lately when you'd get back to the guilds! Debby in CO

  5. It's always uplifting to be able to be around your people. I'm glad you're going back to yours

  6. Yay Coni!!👌👍 You da 💣

  7. Wowie! How amazing to be American: I've never heard of anything like this multiplicity of Guilds before. In fact, here in South Africa there don't appear to be any at all where I live and none that I know of anywhere else. So, enjoy yourself and take a stitch for me now and then: I'm absolutely delighted that you can.

    1. Deborah, I can't imagine life without my guilds! One of my guilds conducts most of our meetings on zoom. I'm sure others do as well. Maybe you could join a guild that way?

  8. Go Coni! I look forward to hearing about your guild adventures!

  9. I'm so glad you are back in your guilds! Life is just more fun when you can gather with other stitchers regularly!

  10. I'm jealous - I don't think our needlepoint guild here is very active?? I have other groups I meet with for various things, but I want one that can challenge and teach me some things. Lucky you. It's good to be back at some of these things. Go for it!!