Dec 13, 2022


Biscotti...done! This is Mrs C's recipe...Rich's he'll give me his verdict tonight when he has a couple with his post-dinner hot chocolate.

Now all I have to do is gird my loins, take a slug of booze, and jump into my mom's  @#$&* Greek cookies tomorrow (koulourakia). I will curse and grunt and sweat and wonder why I do it every year, but in the end I'll hear her laughing and dunk one in my damn good and it will all be worth it.

I might also try my dad's cookies (cuccidati), but until I learn how to roll out dough without plastering the kitchen, they might have to wait a bit. I think my problem is hot hands. It seems like everything I try to shape or roll becomes a sticky mess, and no matter how much flour I apply, I end up with...paste.

Time to thread up and get stitchin' Dearies? What's new with you?


  1. Try wearing rubber gloves coated with flour - it might work?

  2. I remember you girding your loins to make your Mom's Greek cookies in the past - several times! Best of luck with the experience this year. I've never tried koulourakia - post pictures please!

  3. The biscotti looks good! Good luck with the next 2 batches of cookies.
    Maybe it's time to ask Santa for a marble slab to keep the dough cool while rolling it out? Or roll it out in stages, putting it in the refrigerator between?
    Whose trophies (2nd photo) and what are they for?

    1. The trophies belong to Rich...sales awards. (I like to pretend that they are my Oscars for screenwriting The Spinster's Story and its sequel, The Spinster Rides Again.)

  4. The biscotti looks so good, Coni. I was wondering if you were going to make your Mom's cookies this year. Wishing you a successful cookie making experience.

  5. I struggle with making sugar cookies. You're a better woman than me tackling koulourakia.

  6. Candle is lit for successful tour making koulourakia..Those were
    some good suggestions. Do you send out care packages?

  7. Try refrigerating the dough before rolling it out. Do it in parts while the rest stays cold in the refrig.

  8. Your home looks so warm and cozy. Love your decoration.
    I was waiting for you to start talking about your Mother's cookies : )

  9. If you make the cuccidati please share your recipe!