Dec 14, 2022



The laundry is doing its thing in the washing contraption, dinner is in the mini crockpot (*), the lights are all on to ward off the afternoon gloom, and I am happy as a clam with Alexa playing the Christmas tunes while I catch up on reading the papers and look forward to stitching tonight.

Our weather has been quite grey and blah dee da the last several days. In my opinion, we need a couple of inches of sparkly snow to cheer things up around here, but the temperatures insist on hovering in the upper 30's and low 40's...just a tad bit too high for a Winter Wonderland.

Rich will be heading to New Jersey next week for Christmas, so I'm starting to menu plan my Crackpot Spinster Christmas Feasting. I'm yearning for things like chicken stew and shrimp scampi, and I'm sure there will be a cheeseball or something similar involved, but we all know that I'll probably just go face first into a ham and be done with it. I just saw a recipe from Ina for marmalade glazed ham on country biscuits, so that might have to be Christmas dinner.

All this talk of food has me looking forward to getting myself back on track in the New Year.  


For the seven hundreth time. 

I have come to the conclusion that my dad was right. He always told me that if I ate what I liked in moderation and saved goodies for treats and made sure to get some exercise every day I would be fine. 

I'm pretty good with the first two. It's that e-word that always gets me. 

Never BellyBean gives me all of the motivation I need to get those shoes and socks on and get on that treadmill and back into the water at the walking and swimming place. Stay tuned, Dearies. Before you know it, Yours Truly will be running marathons.

I'll close for now with heartfelt wishes for a Happy Futzingday. I hope you got to do everything your heart desired today! Come tell me all about it!

(*) Rich is slowly introducing me to favorite recipes from his past. Tonight we're having hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy on Atlantic City Italian rolls. It really doesn't get much simpler than this...brown gravy mix made on the stove top and really good deli roast beef (sliced super thin) all mixed in the crock pot for a few hours on low to heat through. I like my sandwich with a few tablespoons of gardineria and horseradish to cut the richness of the gravy. 


  1. Oh, those hot roast beef sandwiches sound like something my hubby would like! I think I need to give them a try!

  2. I know dad's advice is perfect and I can do all those things. Then between about 4 and 6 the munchies hit and I fall off the wagon! I wish we had some snow, too. It was all around us a couple days ago, but passed by most of the city, but still in the 20s. Darn it. Debby in CO

  3. When you say a few hours on low for the crockpot beef sandwiches, how many is that?
    Recipe sounds delicious!

    1. Yesterday, I made the gravy on the it was already hot. The roast beef is already cooked since it's deli lunchmeat, so I just use the crockpot to keep it warm. I think it was in there an hour and a half?

  4. Your meal sounded yummy, Coni! Whay kind of mini crockpot to you have? We had rain at bed time and woke up to ice covered trees this morning. I would rather have snow!

    1. Hi, Robin! It's the little crock pot they sell for dips and small meals for one or two people!

  5. Just a little note to wish you a merry Christmas. I've been reader for awhile. I cried when you lost Stewey. I cried when you moved from your house. How nice you have a companion in Rich now. Be well.

  6. I'm terrible with the crockpot. Everything comes out grossly overcooked even if I cook it less than the instructions state. Maybe the one I have is too big?

    I think your dad is right Coni! Doing what he said and just keep trying are both huge keys. Fall down 8 times get up 9.

  7. When I traveled back to my Minnesota homeland a few years ago I wanted and craved a hot roast beef sandwich on white bread. Dark gravy with mashed potatoes... that is the comfort meal from my mid western childhood. Yum! Sounds like Mr. SS has a variation on this.
    Ruth in Oxnard CA