Nov 25, 2022


I woke up with the license plate of the bus that hit me clearly imprinted on my forehead. Ugh. I stumbled around for a few minutes determined to crawl right back into bed, but the prospect of a big huge steaming cup of damn good gave me a little noodge to stay awake instead.

Breakfast complete, a good tooth brushing and quick change of clothes, and within minutes I accomplished the one thing I wanted to do today...the balcony decorations.

Nothing too spectacular, but it's what I was able to do for now, so I'm happy with it. I'll try to get the little skinny tree and hall table done tomorrow, and then I can contemplate some baking. 

I'm wiped out, but going to slurp a cold brew and see if I can't finish my darling girl today so that I can fish through Christmas stitching tomorrow and the rest of the weekend without guilt.

The sun is shining, the US and England are playing football/soccer, and I'm ready to finish my Friday! Turkey sandwiches for dinner tonight, but I might opt for a little soup with spicy chicken instead. What's on your menu, Dearies? Come tell me all about it!


  1. I refused to eat turkey 2 nights in a row, so we're having spaghetti tonight. Stripping most of the meat off our turkey breast & simmering the carcass overnight. Tomorrow we're having turkey & homemade noodle soup!
    It sounds like you're feeling a little better. I'm happy to see that! Don't overdo it, ok? We need our Spinster Shenanigans to keep us giggling!

  2. We've had the flu for Thanksgiving, so we missed out on the turkey. We were supposed to bring ham and sweet potatoes to dinner, so we are enjoying that at home instead. Hope you are all better soon! I'm about to finish stitching Prairie Schooler November and then will start back on Prairie Schooler 12 Days of Christmas.

  3. The patio looks fabulous, Coni. Hoping you have rounded the bend to feeling better. Just don't overdo and have a relapse.

  4. Pretty balcony - will be lovely lit up.
    For dinner tonight we had scallops in white wine and cream sauce with thyme. Mashed potatoes and edamame beans. An old favourite.
    Glad to see you are feeling a bit more chipper!

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