Oct 23, 2022


We're home from Indianapolis safe and sound, Dearies. Yours Truly is headed for a nap, and the birthday boy is headed to the golfing course in LaPorte.

On Friday afternoon we went to a new-to-us restaurant in South Bend called the Howard Park Public House. Fantastic! This will definitely go on our list of places to visit again.

Yesterday's festivities at the University of Indianapolis were very nice, indeed. We finally found the Quincy University Alumni tailgate party, and Rich was able to chat with a few fellow Hawks before we made our way into the stadium. The bleacher seats weren't quite comfy,  but we discovered a little section in one of the end zones that had tables, chairs, and free food and drink for a very modest fee, so we watched the game from there.

(Quincy didn't have a football team when Rich was there, so this was a nice way for him to get that first game under his belt before we venture to the home campus one of these weekends.)

(They lost, sadly, but we still enjoyed the hot dogs!)

The highlight of the day was the Phillies victory over SanDiego, and after snapping a photo of the pretty sunrise this morning, we made our way home. 

I'm bushed! 

I'm going back on the Diet and Exercise Wagon tomorrow, Dearies, so please send a prayer to Saint Mary Maximus that I will be diligent, dedicated, successful, and mindful, and get these pounds off pronto! Enough screwing around with using "recovery" as an excuse. It's been a year and a month. Time to quit screwing around.

Happy Sunday! Come tell me what's new in your neck of the woods!



  1. Just be gentle with yourself, especially with the words in your head

  2. A fun time and that sunrise was very pretty. Cheers, Kerry

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Coni, take it slowly as you climb back on the diet and exercise wagon. Slow and steady will do it for you! Thinking of you and have a wonderful week!

  4. I have been using cold and windy as my excuse for not walking. Like you, enough! I have a hat and a jacket. Time to get those steps in.

  5. Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful and what a week of celebration...
    Be kind to yourself Coni and take it one step at a time in getting
    back on track. You can do it !!!

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