Oct 28, 2022


It took about three full days, but I'm almost back to human again. Getting multiple vaccines isn't a bad idea for most people, but for me? Ugh.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We're going to vote, then breakfast, drop off a donation to a food drive over on campus, get rid of a lot of accumulated cardboard, drop off two big bags to Goodwill, watch the Notre Dame football game, and then go to a hockey game in the evening.

Sunday, I'll sleep while Rich goes to the golfing, and then I'll take him to the train at 9:30pm for his journey to New Jersey, and my two week Operation Get The Heck Back On Track Already will begin.

I had originally planned to order a meal delivery service called Hungryroot for the two weeks Rich will be gone, but I got a bit overwhelmed by both the cost and the complexity of it all, so methinks I might have to just take a breath and use my noodle. 

But if anybody has the magic pill for dropping 120 pounds in a month or two, please feel free to share.

Happy Weekend, Dearies! It's time for me to unplug, thread up, and get ready to watch the Phillies in the World Series! See you back here soon!


  1. Having reactions to the first 4 COVID shots, I knew I did not want to multiple shots, so I admire your "courage". My shingles shot was several years ago, I don't remember the reaction, but know I had one. I'm so glad you feel better and ready for a fun filled day tomorrow.
    P.S. Any 120 pound quick weight-loss tips you get, please share! Debby in CO

  2. I'd love simple weight aseloss for 100 lbs bc it sure was simple packing it on lol.
    I've been blessed with 0 shot reactions so far. I take one shot @ a x just in case of reactions ill know the culprit.
    I had my 1st J&J covid shot in the beginning & haven't been tempted to get any boosters even tho I'm immune compromised. I will need to get 2nd shingles shot soon even tho it's tricky to figure out a safe x for one bc I'm not going with out my meds the 1st one did leave me with a sore & bruised arm but otherwise ok. I got this yrs flu shot last month with no problem still need the pneumonia shot in Nov. I only go out fully masked when necessary for groceries, library & Dr as no delivery here in the woods.
    Hope yall have a beautiful & blessed weekend filled with all the autumn fun.
    Xx Baa

  3. As to the weight loss, all I will say is take it slow and steady. Build on the good habits from before your transplant plus walk. Walking gets a bad reputation, but walking is the best way to go. And now, I will put away my soap box. I am glad you are feeling more like your normal self, dear Coni. Enjoy your day and thinking of you!

    1. Agree 1000%

      Thanks for putting my thoughts into words for me :-D

  4. I, too, wish I could drop 120 pounds in just a couple of months but realistically 1-2 pounds a week might be the best way to go and even that is hard. Time for me to go walk some more.

  5. Recall when you did such a fantastic job of dropping pounds prior
    to your procedure? Why not follow the same pattern and stick to it
    with an occasional treat/reward? Taking the walks should help immeasurably. What a nice surprise for JB to see what you have
    accomplished during his time away. Blessing you as you go....