Sep 3, 2021



Happy Friday, Dearies!

Well, as predicted, I have misbehaved all week and gained quite a bit of weight and fluid. I am in the d-chair now and will remedy a bit of it, but I really need to snap out of the bad rut I'be been in all week.

I'll give myself a small break for the days when I was sick and didn't really pay attention, but the last three days? Nope. That's just sheer foolishness on my part.

Why does life have to be a constant game of Whack A Mole? Just when I get one area of things sorted, another falls apart. I get the laundry done and the apartment clean, but I realize I haven't stitched in four days. Or, I stitch faithfully every evening, but the place is a mess or I've eaten the entire contents of the snack cart in one fell swoop.


I'll get it together, I know. The good news is that I caught myself before blowing past my transplant goal weight. I'm still good there, Dearies, so no need to fret about that....I just want to get that 10-15 pound cushion re-established.

On the auction front, I am happy to report that all of the packages will be en route on Tuesday (because Monday is a holiday). It took me the better part of yesterday to figure it all out, but I finally did and got my little Spinster Workshop all organized and it started humming right along.

I finished binge-watching Big Love last night and stitched my eyeballs out while doing so. I forgot how engrossed you get in the storylines and characters when bingeing. I found myself thinking about it for hours afterwards and have to confess that I'm a bit sad it's over again.

Oh well. On to the next!

If you have a long weekend ahead, I hope it's filled with everything that brings you joy, and if it's just a regular weekend....well, I hope there's joy in it for you, too! Do something wonderfully fun and come tell me all about it...especially anything that's good to eat, so I can enjoy vicariously!


  1. Hope chair time goes smoothly and you have the rest of the weekend to do whatever blows your skirt, Coni! Thinking of you!

  2. Observe, don't absorb... I think I got that one from you..still makes good sense... Back on the track and face the weekend with aplomb and got the mailings behind you..quite an achievement..and, hopefully, the binging had some benefit. Don't eat for what is eating to enhance your being.
    Enuff! You are loved and prayed for, dear one.

  3. The Something-To-Eat du jour: a cup of bulgar wheat or couscous, with the amount of water the packet tells you to add; and with it, also add a cup of frozen peas and some raw mushrooms, cut in chunks. And give it a stir now and then until it's ready. I had some stew gravy left over, and it made a yummy combination. And, though we don't have a long weekend, I do intend to finish my Bayeux Tapestry picture this weekend, or bust! Just two borders ... should be doable. Hoping also to see more of your lovely Pumpkins!

    1. A nouth-watering-sounding recipe, thanks for posting it!

  4. I have a bone to pick with you Coni!!! Because of you I have picked up a needle and cloth again. Start small I said...I completed 2 and instantly bought 6 more. LOL THANK YOU dear Coni for igniting a creative spark in me. Take care and keep up the good work!

  5. Hope treatment went well. And I don't mind one bit if my parcel is later than Tuesday getting out. I would much rather you take a break and take time for yourself too :)

  6. You got a monumental job taken care of. No need to beat yourself up, just keep on keeping on. We had a nice visit from our almost-22-year-old (grandson), who drives 4 hours each way whenever he can to see us. He's a sweetie. He works in security, does road racing on the side, and loves cats!