Jun 1, 2021


Guess who slept through the alarm, her doctor's appointment, and most of the morning?

Treatment just completely knocked me out yesterday, and I came home and slept hard for four hours, had a little dinner, and then went right back to bed and stayed there until moments ago.

I. Am. Tired.

After a few cups of damn good I'm going to get some things tidied up and then hit the links or the pool to get some exercise.

So it looks like my chin hair will be my plus one for the wedding!


  1. How disappointing! But I'm sure your goddaughter only cares about your presence at her wedding.

  2. You are beautiful with or without chin hair :)

  3. You needed sleep to recover - that's more important. But nobody notices blemishes when they are close friends and family. My friend had a big mole removed. It was a few months later when I next saw her - didn't even notice. A few years later I asked if she had her mole removed and where had it been - she said yes she had and it was under her nose! So do not fret - you are who you are and the goodness in you shines out and people love you for that and not how you look. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I know you were looking forward to the laser thing, but recovery from treatment is far more important. Everyone at the wedding will be busy celebrating, catching up with family and friends, and they (and we) love you as you are - chin hair and all.

  5. I think it was meant for you to miss the appointment. There will be time later if you decide to do the laser treatment Like some of the others said there might have been some side effects worse than the hairs. Take a mirror and tweezers out on the balcony and tweeze away. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!