Jun 9, 2021


 Happy Futzingday, Dearies!

(For new members of the Spinster Stitcher family, aka residents of CrazyTowne, Futzingday was created by my little dog, Stewey. It seemed that every Wednesday was a day to futz...putter about with nothing to do but wander from thing to thing. Hence, Futzingday.)

Buzzy and I did our thing and are home early because JB Magoo needed to go for his annual physical and we are without both cars at the moment. On the ride over to Ohio, about eighty-five different warning lights came on and things just seemed...awry...with Miss Puff. So we dropped her off yersterday and discovered that there were several issues that needed fixed.


(The dent in my emergency fund sucks, but I am heading to Indianapolis tomorrow for liver testing, so limping along wasn't an option.)

In stitchy news, I spent some good time with Eliana, and hope to get right back to her as soon as I finish some damn good and dispense with the paper:

Sorry about my craptastic lighting, but at this point I figure a poorly lit progress pic is better than no pic at all!

Another hot and steamy one here today. If the weather permits, I am definitely getting in that pool! By the time I had finished laundry yesterday and stuffed my wobbly bits into my swimming costume, the rain and thunderstorms were here, so I didn't get to splash.

Not much else is happening in these here parts, which is just positively fine with me. I like days like this....drama and angst free!

Here's hoping your very own Futzingday is the same! (I mean, if you like that kind of thing.)


  1. I do, but that day was yesterday. Got all my blocks done for my tulip quilt. I'm a quilter, I also do cross stitch but I'm pathetic at it. On the brighter side I'm much better then I was a year ago. I can now do more then single image projects. ( I started with a Christmas gnome : )

  2. And Happy Futzing Day to you, Coni! It is trying to rain here and I wish it would. We are in need. Eliana is looking good.

  3. Happy Futzing Day to you, too! I just want you to know that I love your blog. Have a great evening and safe travels tomorrow.

  4. Good luck with your tests tomorrow!

  5. I am not a new resident of CrazyTowne (the e on the end makes it quainter), but I’ve always wondered where the term Futzingday came from. So glad to know! Please send some of your rain to FL. We are so dry here...and so hot, but that’s just a given until October. Hope the drive and the testing go smoothly! Thank you so much for your lovely blog!

  6. Gosh, I sure understand the dent in the emergency fund. The inverter for my solar system has croaked and needs to be replaced. We are also ramping up the heat here in Tucson and are looking forward to this weekend when the temp could top 112. Humidity is at about 9% so definitely NOT muggy here. While the temp does seem to be cringe worthy, we need the heat to prime the weather pump for our monsoon. So bring on the heat so we can bring on the rain!! Have a safe trip to Indianapolis tomorrow.

  7. Those purple flowers on Eliana's dress are so pretty! Awesome progress!

  8. How do I subscribe to your blog Coni?