Jun 10, 2021


This is, quite possibly, one of the strangest days I've had in a while.

For three weeks, I've stressed and planned and planned and stressed this trip to Indy/IU and the liver test. I wrote lists and packed bags and mapped routes and double checked and triple checked weather like the control freak I am.

And then God laughed.

I didn't sleep well last night in anticipation of today. About a week or so ago, JB and I decided that we would just go to Indy the day of the test, maybe grab a meal, and then came back on the same day. Driving down the night before and staying in a hotel and all of those logistics seemed like too much, especially since I have traveled more in the last month than I have in the last fifteen years.

And then I got the crazy idea that I would just go by myself, and that changed at the last minute to deciding that I really would like some company, and then back to going alone, then back to needing supervision....I must have changed my mind a dozen times until I finally told JB that I would, in fact, like him to go with me after all.

So I got up at 6:00 this morning and had my damn good and got in the shower and put a purse together and printed the appointment information, and just as soon as he got his shoes and socks on, my JB became decidedly unwell and wasn't able to go with me afterall.

(He's fine. Just a temporary thing that was either a pill that went down wrong or his crazy girlfriend stressing him out with the "go stay go stay go stay" shenanagins.

I got in the car, took a deep breath, and drove the three hours to Indy/IU hospital like a BOSS. There was a ton of construction, a little rain, and a surprising amount of traffic, but I navigated the driving and turning and finding of things like I knew what I was doing. No mis-steps. No wrong turns. No missed exits. Straight down the damn road with the 80's music blasting away and me laughing at what a complete boob I am to have gotten lost on our dry run back in April.

I think it took me about six minutes to find a space in the parking garage and another two or three minutes to find the department I neededfor the test. When I checked in and saw the clock, I realized that I was 45 minutes early, so I headed to the waiting area to settle in for the long haul.

My heiney did not hit the chair before my name was called, and the lovely technician asked me my name and birthdate as we walked the seven steps to the testing room.

(Are you sensing where I'm going with this yet?)

Dearies, when I tell you that the test took FOUR SECONDS I am not exaggerating. I literally laid myself on the table, flipped my shirt up, and she touched the scanner thingie to my liver and said "OK. All done."

I made my way back to the parking garage, put my ticket into the payment thingie, and it said "IN TIME 10:41. OUT TIME 10:46. $5.00 PLEASE".

Five minutes.  

Four and a half of those minutes were spent parking and walking to and from the appointment.

So I pulled out of the garage shaking my head at how funny my life is, and I started hunting for a Starbucks for sustenance for the drive home. In the meantime, I called my sister to tell her what had just happened and as I was sitting at a stop light telling her that I was looking for a Starbucks I looked up and realized that I was, quite literaally, sitting in front of...a Starbucks.

My very favorite thing on the Starbucks planet is a trenta cold brew with a splash of sweet cream and a ham and cheese panini, and that's what I decided to order. But, as I approached the ordering thingie, I saw a big sign that said they were very sorry, but due to delivery issues, their store did not have many food options available, but to ask for what they did have.

So I did.

"We're really sorry, but the only thing we have left is one ham and cheese panini."

And then...just to see if I was really paying attention, the lovely barista at the window handed me extra napkins and an extra cup of ice in a trenta sippy cup because "It's so hot today, and in case I needed extra ice".

(Have I told you my obsession with the Starbucks trenta sippy cups.)

(I love them.)

(Truly. I do. I really, really do.)


Your hapless spinster is home safe and sound, with her Starbucks trenta sippy cup full of ice water, a baseball game on the TeeVee, newspapers ready to read, stitching ready to be stitched, and an entire afternoon to be grateful, thankful, and awed that somebody up there takes such good care of me.

I honestly don't know how I lucked into this wonderful, lucky, crazy, happy life of mine. 

Now if you'll excuse me, methinks I need to put my shoes and socks on and go buy some lottery tickets!

How's your day going? Come tell me all about it!


  1. WOW!!!

    Sometimes everything aligns and you win big!

  2. Yay!! You just can’t get any better than days like this. So glad everything went well!!

  3. That is amazing!! I’m so happy everything worked out well for you!

  4. Nothing earth-shattering to report...how wonderful...see, it doesn't have to call for tension.... enjoy the rest of your
    Starbucks, Stitching and relaxing day.

  5. June is your month! A great time at the wedding...looking fabulous, and an easy trip 3 hours away. Enjoy the day. Patty Mc

  6. So happy for you!! A great week is here!

  7. What a crazy morning- so happy everything worked so well! I hope you've had a wonderfully relaxing rest of your day.

  8. Sometimes you just get lucky!

  9. It's about DAMN TIME, Coni! You deserve to have AT LEAST ONE FRIGGIN' DAY where everything goes your way! MUCH LOVE from the state shaped like Texas (with a lunatic governor).

  10. Wow..happy to hear things went so beautifully..good for you

  11. you've been blessed : )
    Our Father is good

  12. Days like that are both very rare and most joyous. They seem to happen when you are least expecting them and most need them. Many years ago I was on a job interview and going home missed transitioning to the appropriate freeway. This being SoCal and traffic being was it is I was freaking out. But then I put my big girl undies on & navigated several freeways to finally get to the right one. Actually I think it was just dumb luck, but I was so proud of myself that I didn't have a meltdown. So, yeah..I get it. my mom would say God smiled on you today.😁 Hope Mr. JB is feeling much better...

  13. Oh my goodness what a fabulous and successful trip! The result of your driving sees you in your true confident colours! Coincydinky? I reckon Stewey was looking after you.
    I do hope Mr JB is on the mend.
    Here we have at least 16 ducklings hatch on the 10th - perhaps some more hiding or yet to come. Houston, we have lift off!

  14. Oh Coni, glad your day went smoothly. Awesome!

  15. It's about time you had a fantastic day, solo navigation and all. I hope JB is much improved by now.

  16. What a wonderful day! Now you know for certain that June 10th is your day!

  17. Oooooh, this entire wonderful experience warms my heart!!!!!

  18. I had the same kind of day on Friday. Everything just fell into place. So happy everything went so smoothly and I hope JB is feeling better!