Apr 27, 2021


We played nine holes of the golfing and then I came home, re-potted my poor Boston fern into a ginormous container that doesn't fit the plant stand, made a huge mess, cleaned up a huge mess, took a hot shower, drank a ColdBrew from the Starbucks, and now I'm contemplating going to bed at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Whew! It is definitely not easy trying to be me and a fully functioning adult at the same time, Dearies! 

I. Am. Spent.

I will say, though, that YoursTruly was just over the moon delighted with her new golfing clubs! I actually hit a few shots worthy of the beautiful day out there on the course! And you will all be happy to know that when I felt unwell I picked the ball up and sat in the cart and took an 8 for the hole and went on to the next! I didn't try to push too hard, nor did I try to compete with my golfing companions (JB, PJ, and Cheryl) who should all be on the Pro Tour instead of dragging my sorry heiney all over God's green acre!

(Could this be a sign of maturity? Or maybe I really am starting to understand that it's OK to be a middle-aged portly spinster who sometimes needs a minute instead of a hyper-active twenty year old running around with her hair on fire.)

Time to rest, I think! But what a happy, happy day I've had!


  1. So glad to hear you had such a happy fun day! It does sound tiring,too, but what a great reason to feel worn out! Hope you have a lovely restful evening!

  2. Your home is so cozy looking! I love the fern as well. I can’t seem to keep them alive. Can’t figure out the watering. I either under water or over water. Got my 2nd vaccine today at noon, and starting to feel a bit ache-y. We’ll see how the night goes. Took some Tylenol and hoping to sleep through it!

  3. I so enjoy your writing. You're a Regular Person, having regular and irregular days, and somehow you come out looking like a very winsome person!

  4. Glad you got outside to have some fun!