Apr 8, 2021



My back, neck, and shoulders are in a knotty spasm of a screaming mess that has me questioning getting out of bed ever again.

I just had a nice long chat with Dr Melfi, and we determined that I might just be semi-normal after all. My meltdowns in Indianapolis and inability to function like an adult human were to be expected. And there's even a name for it (made up by me moments ago):


Apparently, the entire world is having similar issues as it comes out of quarantine. I described it as animals being let out of a zoo and not knowing how to use a living room set, and Dr Melfi reminded me that people in prison/isolation often have the same problems adjusting.

I feel like I've been dropped onto another planet, and although I've seen pictures of things on this planet a million times, once confronted with something like being in polite society...I'm clueless.

I'll get my bearings eventually, as will the rest of the world. In the meantime, I'm going to keep bumping into things and bursting into the ugly cry because I feel so damn helpless, but then I'll remember that I have a lane and I'll get back in it and let somebody else take the wheel.

Remember what my dear Aunt JoAnn always told me? "Coni Jo, you can't ask Jesus to take the wheel and then bitch about His driving."

Man...I miss my Aunt JoAnn.

Time for another nap, I think. And then I'll get up and have a nice shower and some dinner and maybe I'll even try to stitch a bit.

Happy Thursday, Dearies!


  1. I do think we are all going through varying degrees of just that Coni. I went to the post office to mail a simple package and I felt like I was doing it for the first time. An extra health thing on top of de-isolating doesn’t help eitheršŸ˜•Hang in there... we’ll all get through this together!(I often remind myself of your Aunts quote!)

  2. I have been fortunate as my company is considered essential and we've been working non-stop since the day this whole Covid 19 started. I am extremely extremely grateful! However, once I leave the office I quarantine like the old woman I am and go to the Aldi every other week or so and once a month to the drive thru pharmacy. I also went to Trader Joe's once. Managing HOA's is an interesting business; and our HOA pools have just re-opened as of last Friday. User's are INSANE! It's 64o here (Which is cool in California) and people are screaming that they're cold COLD! and the pool is 82o. Coming out of this Pandemic mess is going to be a journey. Thank Dr. M for me... it's what I have been thinking but hadn't fully formulated in my brain. Thanks!

  3. Coni, I am a introvert, I don't mind staying home but I had to work during the pandemic, just shopped what I had to get. I hate going out anymore, can't get organized, can't remember squat, now I know there is a name for it. Great quote! I will remember it. Think we could all have a zoom call with Dr. M? LOL

  4. I think Aunt Joann is spot on! What a great statement... I'm going to remember that one.
    I think the "new normal" (whatever that will look like)is enough to give people the hebbie jebbies too. No one knows what to expect.
    Sending a prayer that tomorrow's D-chair is a snap and issue free. Hoping that your aches & pains are a thing of the past too.

  5. Your aunt Joann was a wise woman.

  6. Oh no, but at least you can learn to deal with it now. A bit of stress from getting a little bit lost in a new area probably tensed those muscles up. I think those of us in rural areas have fared better - we are remote in any case so it felt a bit like being snowed or rained in - well rained in anyway. We are supposed to be coming out of it soon, but now told June. Am throwing my hands up in despair.
    Enjoy your stitching day - it is a good way to unwind.xx

  7. Thank you for sharing your Aunt JoAnn's quote! I think everyone is feeling like you in varying degrees, Coni!

  8. "aint" stress wonderful and the tricks it plays on the body?!?
    (im going to have to remember aunt joanne more often!!)