Mar 3, 2021


My Jersey Boy is introducing me to all kinds of new things. When he first arrived, he requested peppers and eggs.  I was clueless.

I have, however, mastered that particular dish, and it is only made better by eating it on the Atlantic City Italian bread that is stashed in the freezer.

(Peppers and eggs is exactly what you think it is...peppers, onions, and eggs sautéed in butter and oil until soft, eggs scrambled in, and then lots of provolone to make it gooey.)

(Kind of like a cheesesteak, but with eggs.)

Yesterday, though, he requested salami and eggs, so before going at the peppers and onions I added a bunch of genoa salami.

He said it was delicious!

(I opted for leftover tortellini instead.)

We're trying to get ourselves on an Italian kick and have been watching Stanley Tucci's series on CNN. Last night we visited Bologna, and I immediately fell in love with Emilia Romana. My Dad's family comes from Compobasso in the Molise region, and Rich's is from Cave in Lazio, but I think we both agreed that ER... it's Parmesan, balsamic, and prociotto would be a great place to start.

(Never mind the bolognese.)

(This is the point where everybody in Italy rolls their eyes at me for being so completely ignorant of my ancestral country...and for the ridiculously bad spelling.)

(Sorry, Italy.)

Don't know what has me on the food kick today.

Buzzy and I are doing our thing, and I'm going to get some stitches in. The sun is shining and the ducks are doing their thing out on the pond. I am praying for enough energy after to get a few steps in!

What's new with you today, Dearies? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Isn’t that a great series about Italian food!!! I have been so enjoying it.

  2. Growing up, during Lent it was either green pepper and egg sandwiches or cheese pizza.

    Thanks for the memories!

  3. Being originally from NJ myself, has JB introduced you to fried bologna or pork roll yet? Fried pork roll with an egg topper is wonderful.

    1.'s all pork roll all the time here! He loves it and has been completely beside himself that he finished the big chunk of it he brought back from his last trip!

      As for fried Grandma Loukos made the best fried bologna sandwiches!

    2. Good to hear! My oldest son has discovered mail order Case pork roll, the one that comes in a big 3 lb chunk in the burlap sock. Working on one presently, as for fried bologna...oh my! Would love to have tasted one of Grandmas!

  4. Sounds delicious! Please share more of your Italian food adventures!