Mar 4, 2021


I'm not sure what caused it, but I had a nice little spurt of energy this morning that allowed me to tear through CS2 on a whirlwind and get several chores completed. Stupid stuff, really, but crossing them off of the to do list was very very satisfying.

I came thiiiiiiisss close to finishing Winter last night, but my eyes just would not cooperate. I came home from the d-chair and had a snack and a nap and then sat down to stitch and did so for a few hours, but those last few stitches will have to be plied today:
I was so focused on this that I didn't realize that my Jersey Boy had tuned the TeeVee to wrestling.
No, you didn't read that wrong. 

The love of my life follows and enjoys professional wrestling.

(Pause for a chuckle as you think to yourself "I wonder what Stewey would have to say about this little development?")

The truth of the matter is that wrestling was something that Rich and his son (also Rich) enjoyed together. Apparently, son Rich texted dad Rich to let him know that Shaquille O'Neal would be making an appearance, so the 76ers had to do their thing against Utah for a few minutes without my JB hollering at them to rebound and then shoot the bleepity bleeping ball.'s all sports all the time around here, but I don't complain. My eyesight is such these days that I have to stitch with naked eyeballs, which means I can't watch the TV, so I stitch happily away and listen.

To baseball, basketball, football, cricket, soccer, tennis, golf, sailing, horse racing, and any other thing he wants to watch.

In other happy news, I did finish the background on the Mill Hill Snowflake in the d-chair yesterday. This means that I can try to finish the stitching on the third Winter Woods piece tomorrow!

We are in the midst of some gorgeous weather here in Hoosierville, and the sun is out and shining away. I am itching to get out onto the golf course, but need to bide my time a bit longer until my second shot has been administered and gone into effect, I think.

It's March, so that means green nails:
My dialysis techs get a kick out of my obsession with a monthly color, but Marcella vetoed the green. She did this last year, too, and asked me why I still went with the green despite her objection. 

Oh well...can't please 'em all, I guess.

(She was teasing me, by the way. Marcella is actually one of us...a fellow stitcher and from Columbia. She is getting ready to start a gorgeous Dimensions kit of flowers in Mason jars, and I can't wait to see her progress!)

Wow. I've just bent your ear for eleventy seven days, Dearies! Sorry about that! I guess I was just so excited to have a little energy today that I had to come tell you all about it!

Happy Thursday!


  1. So glad you did tell us about it! Reading your blog is a bright spot in my day! I love the Mill Hill pieces you've been doing-I may have to try one myself.

  2. It's good to know you're feeling good! Love the snowflake.

  3. My husband watched the Shaquille O’Neal wrestling segment too, lol! I mostly listened...
    Glad stitching time has been good. I’m very near-sighted so can’t watch tv and stitch either.

  4. Love, love, love ze green nails! Perfection! And so is your stitchy works!😁👍😗

  5. I'm loving the green nails. Very Spring-y. I like all your nail color selections though. Happy (almost) weekend!

  6. Great progress. The sleigh is so delicate. All fab - including green nails! Now there's something that is rare - Mr JB likes cricket! We have Somerset CCC only 20 minutes away - we were hoping to see some matches (love 20/20 - so exciting)last year but that blooming germ stopped play! Oh well, for me back to the grindstone! Have a wonderful day.

  7. I did actually laugh out loud at the thought of Stewey having to watch wrestling :) Your snowflake looks lovely! I think I have a bottle of green nail polish but haven't been brave enough to give it a go but I must say you pull it off very well!

  8. I have that Dimensions kit too. Can’t believe I bought it but someone on Floss Tube did it and it is really cute.