Feb 26, 2021


Hi, Dearies!

I've been stitching my fat little fingers off! Yesterday, I sat and enjoyed my Winter piece while doing laundry:

And then I picked it up again this morning for a few minutes before getting ready to leave to come here to the d-chair. 

Now that I'm all hooked up, I decided to get the background of the snowflake finished:

And I have another Mill Hill in my BitsyBiggie for good measure:

So it looks like I am going to be able to sink happily into my stitchy daydreams today before heading home for a nice weekend!

Nothing on the agenda, but I am hoping to get in a few nice walks. The temps are supposed to be conducive to such, and the fresh air always makes me feel better! On Sunday, I am going to attempt pepper steak for my JB, but it will not be of the Chinese variety since he is not at all fond of soy sauce or Chinese food. I think I will do the steak and peppers and onions with some garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil on a sheet pan and hope for the best.

(Mine, though, will definitely have soy sauce of the low sodium variety because I happen to love Chinese food.)

Is the sun shining in your corner of the world? Come tell me all about it.


  1. It is sunny, and warm enough for a walk. Celebrated my mom's 80th birthday yesterday and got a little stitching in. A good day.

  2. It's cloudy in Louisville, Kentucky but it's still
    Friday so I'll take it!!

  3. Good morning Coni. Lovely progress on the stitching and a good day for you it was too. Hope the steak went well.
    Here, after another frosty night, the sun has been shining, the mist rose and disappeared and today is more veg bed prepping and seed sowing. Peppers in the propagator, tomatoes being sown next week. It's all go now!
    Have a lovely day and hope you can also get out in the sunshine. xx

  4. Yesterday was mostly sunny here in Iowa. My day was on the road - turned in a QOV top for quilting, deposit a check, and pick up a few items to finish a couple of stitchy projects, but was thwarted at every turn by not being able to find what I was looking for.

    I think it's time to investigate getting my own picture frame making tools. Off to explore the internets today. Does anyone have suggestions for a reliable source of such wonders?

  5. Hope the rest of your Friday went smoothly, Coni! Your snowflake piece is looking fabulous.

  6. My mom used to make the beef w peppers/onions and make a brown gravy with it right in her cast iron skillet for those in our family who preferred that over the soy sauce. Very good! I make it and put it over a baked potato. It's delish!!!

  7. Look at you go! Three projects in one (or two) day/s! :) Hope you enjoyed your weekend. We just entered into a lockdown here. So far just for 3 days but it isn't sounding very good. I'm stitching to keep my wits about me.