Feb 27, 2021


Heidy ho, Dearies!

I made it home from the d-chair yesterday, and after a lovely nap in the big girl sleigh bed, sat with my JB and watched TeeVee and stitched. I had hoped to finish the "W" in Winter, but alas, my eyes were too heavy to get those last few stitches completed.

Today, though, will be another story. Once I get to the bottom of my second cup of damn good, I'm going to stitch my eyeballs out until it's time to head to the Grotto.

(One of these days we'll be able to return to Mass in the Basilica, but for now a little chat with the BVM will have to do.)

My biggest task this weekend (besides paperwork and bill paying) is a contemplation of my Spring stitchy basket. I confess that I'm a little torn about the prospect of putting winter away just now. I have truly loved every moment with each project in both baskets for Christmas and Winter. My brain tells me that Winter should be Jan-Feb, Spring should be Mar-May, Summer June-Aug, and Autumn Sept-Nov, with a special basket for Christmas, but my heart wants to keep playing with Winter a bit longer.

The weather is contributing to my confusion. Fifty degrees and sunny on a February day is lovely, but out of the ordinary for Hoosierville. No complaints, mind you. I guess I'm just jonesing for flannel jammies a bit longer.

Speaking of jammies...if this warner trend continues, I need to completely rethink my transplant wardrobe! Everything packed is very fuzzy and warm, so I might need to find some lighter weight things to lounge about in. 

No news on that front, I'm afraid, but I do have an appointment to visit with the team down in Indianapolis on April 6th. This is the trip that was moved from month to month because of the virus concerns, but April will be a definite since I will have had both shots by then and should be better protected.

I hope your weekend is full of fun and all the stitchy goodness! Come tell me all about your corner of the world and what's blowing your skirt up and what's making you happy today!

P.S. I didn't quite finish the background on my Snowflake yesterday, but I'm not going to fret too much about it. There's always tomorrow to finish it up!


  1. I'm so glad you've recovered from tanking that last hour in the d-chair. Thank heavens when there are good medical personnel who are competent AND compassionate. You're survey of projects yesterday made me feel a bit less guilty - that is my livingroom/diningroom - three needlepoints, two cross stitch and a quilt go bind. Its been a low motivation week, but these sunnier days and warming temps in NE are a nice boost. Have a great weekend Coni and JB.

  2. Love the Winter stitch. If you are happy with it, continue on! Looks lovely! Have a great weekend!

  3. Those little additions to the Winter, the hat, the bird, the little house - was there a snowman? are so sweet. And not a yukky session in the d-chair, phew! I don't think you'll take long to complete the snowflake.
    Today is another sunny day! Back in the veg plot for me!

  4. The Winter piece is looking good, Coni. I think if Winter is still blowing your skirt up, then you should continue on with it. Hope your Saturday was grand and your Sunday even more blessed.

  5. That is one gorgeous W! And stitch what makes you happy!