Oct 13, 2020


Oh, Dearies...I am so excited! Tonight I will start my very first Fall/Winter Spinster Evening Ritual...after dinner is cooked, enjoyed, and cleaned up, I will go to into the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth and put all of my various lotions and potions on and I will then don my new SNOOPY ROBE for the evening's stitching and TeeVee watching before I hit the big girl sleigh bed.

A Snoopy robe! That's big enough to fit me! And that is as soft and velvety cozy as Stewey!

(I swear...it's the stupidest things that make me the stupidest happy sometimes.)

The face doctor was very pleased with my progress. I had an awful terrible ugly painful mean-looking rash on my chin and around my nose, and wearing a mask wasn't helping matters, but a month of antibiotics and some magic ointment, and I'm good as new! 

My dentist appointment was nothing spectacular...just a six month check up and paperwork signing for transplant.

(Yes. I need to be checked out stem to stern every year and document it with IU so that they know all of my parts are in good working order before they pop a new kidney in there. In addition to being required...it's just something I have always tried to do.)

(Kind of like maintaining your car.)

(Besides...who doesn't love to get their oil changed and tires rotated every now and then?)

Speaking of...Puff got new shoes yesterday, and they make her run faster and smoother. Apparently, the driver's side rear tire was bad and needed to be replaced. I originally thought that snow tires would be best, but the nice tire man explained that all-weather tires would be better in the long run, so all-weather tires it was.

Now if we can just find me a nice set of something to keep ME upright on ice and snow we'll be all set!

OK. Time to enjoy another gorgeous Fall afternoon with some stitching! I can't wait to get into that robe, though!

Come tell me what's got your heart aflutter today!


  1. Love your Snoopy robe! Enjoy it every single time you put it on and snuggle down! I'm so glad to hear you happy --- you deserve happiness!

  2. Love the snoopy robe. My administrative assistant (and friend!) gave me a snoopy robe last year for Christmas. it's a little snug on the arms but I wear it anyway!

  3. Love everything Snoopy! Although Pig Pen is my spirit animal. My sister lives in Fort Wayne and she purchased thingys that clamp on her shoes with spikes on them I think from Vermont Country store. Might be worth a look see. Ruth in Oxnard CA.

  4. Sounds like a great day! The Snoopy robe is delightful. Wonder if I can find a Woodstock one?

  5. connie where did you get the snoopy robe from???

  6. What a lovely photo - you look sooooo happy! Love the Snoopy robe too. I'm so pleased and happy for you. Oh my goodness, I'm smiling so much!

  7. Awesome find on the Snoopy robe, Coni! It sounded like you had a productive day with all the appointments.

  8. Sounds like you're good to go. Enjoy that snuggly robe. My new wrinkle today is being fitted for new hearing aids. The Helper coordinated it with my phone. Technology is cool but scary.

  9. OMGosh... that's the cutest robe I have ever seen! It looks so warm and cozy. I like to hear that you have a "fall/winter" evening schedule. I do too but never thought about a start - stop time designation. I am a winter kinda gal - not winter sports tho - just the clothes and the atmosphere. Enjoy the robe - alot!!!

  10. You know what makes my day? YOU DO! Everything you celebrate and share with us is very special to me. Love the robe and I love the stitching mask I ordered from you. Keep doing what you need to for that new kidney. We are all rooting for you.

  11. Darling robe - you are adorable! I suspect more than one of us are on the 'fluffy side' and need to find that balance between being as healthy as possible and accepting our bodies. My joy? I too have a favorite chair to stitch, imbibe, surf and read. I joke with the fam that rather than the cremation plan, they need to have me taxidermy'd and buried in that daXn chair. Only got to it late tonight, but that was after a much needed day of aerobic mega cleaning and organizing and putting away. That made me sore all over but felt really good and now the chair is REALLY good - especially with some red wine.