Oct 11, 2020


I added a Sam Toft called "Flying Free" next to my little Stewey area. I know I say this about every single Sam Toft print I have, but I think this is my favorite:

 Yesterday, JB and I had a wonderful day on Fish Lake with our friends Cheryl and Mike. We took a long, lovely boat ride and I soaked in the Fall colors from the water, which was breathtaking. Then, we had Mike's special sloppy joes (one of my very favorite things on the planet) and watched the first half of the Notre Dame game with two little Boston terriers, Gizmo and Quigley, snuggled next to us.


Today, after menu-planning and grocery delivery, I re-organized the pantry/tiny little stupid cabinet that I can't fit anything into logically:

Unfortunately, there just isn't enough room for our snacks. Can somebody please tell me who in the world needs this many snacks?!

And finally, here is the current status of my Pretty Pumpkins:

I'm very sad to tell you that my god daughter didn't get married this weekend. Her fiancé's mom passed on Saturday morning. My heart breaks for them, but I know they are strong together and will look out for one another.

OK...time for bed. I hope your very own weekend was wonderful, Dearies! Come tell me all about what made you happy!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day on Saturday:) I spent a productive day in the garden yesterday, clearing one of the raised beds ready for me to choose new plants :)

  2. Sounds like a delightful day you had with friends, a boat ride and Sloppy Joes! I am sorry about the passing of the fiancé's mother on Saturday. Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. So sorry about the death in the family. Praying that they will rest in grace. Um, about the snacks... We really don't need them. Sorry. I have to keep telling myself that and just pass up that snack aisle. I want to think I ought to reward someone for their hard work in making them! Thursday we had an impromptu invitation to visit our daughter and her crew in NC. 4 & 1/2 trip, and we hadn't been in months. SO good to be with them. Everyone is healthy and being good citizens. I ate like a fool and am now back to the snackless grind!

  4. How heartbreaking! My condolences to your god-daughter, her fiance and his family.
    I love your new Sam Toth print! Suits Stewey's area perfectly!

  5. Oh how devastating for the families. My sincere condolences to all.
    Neat cupboard - very well organised. Snacks will disappear so never out long! LOL!
    Flying Free Stewey corner made me smile. Great pumpkin progress!

  6. We just moved into a new house where the kitchen is half the size of my previous one. Dollar tree baskets have been a life saver. Small ones in the pantry allow me to stack things higher and one larger one holds our snacks nicely. I did label the ones in the pantry so I know what is in them.