Oct 25, 2020


Yesterday was an exercise in frenetic running to and fro, fro and to (all here inside CS2)..putzing and futzing and stressing and planning and doing laundry and writing lists and checking and double checking and...

By the time I put my head on my pillow I was literally vibrating and talking to myself.

So today will be a rest/no stress day. After breakfast (yogurt and fruit thankyouverymuch) and a few minor chores (roasting the long hot peppers JB carried back from NJ) and a long hot shower, I will return to Pretty Pumpkins.

I've started the pumpkin on the right:

I did gather my stitching for Indy...Hoity Toity, Eliana, Baked Alaska...and a small bag with extra needles and scissors,etc. Funny how that was the first thing I packed, no?

Happy Sunday, Dearies!


  1. It makes perfect sense to me that you packed the Stitchy stuff first. When I had knee surgery last year and knew I'd be down for a couple of weeks, I created several (dozen, I'm an optimistic overachiever) kits & packed a dozen or so books in addition to my Kindle. Mom (was staying with her post-surgery) laughed when I brought them over pre-surgery. "Where are your clothes & toiletries, child?!?" Uh, still need to pack them...

    I have been running around all afternoon and am finally sitting down for a few minutes before starting dinner. Pork roast with roasted butternut squash cubes & kale and an apple pie for dessert.

  2. Your pumpkins are looking gorgeous! Stitching is always the first thing I pack too :)

  3. You really are in the "hurry up and wait" mode aren't you. It is good you have something to focus on besides the near future. Prayers are going your way hot and heavy!!! Have a great day / Sunday

  4. No - that's what all good stitchers pack first!!! Pretty Pumpkins looks great. I'd like to get back to mine sometime soon.

  5. You deserve a nice rest after all that whizzing around! You are really buzzing at the moment and understandably so. Love the pumpkins and ooh that blanket! Cosy and snug!!! Have a super day. xxx

  6. Pretty Pumpkins is looking super, Coni! My stitching bag is always the first to be packed. Clothes and sundries are secondary.