Oct 26, 2020


Good morning, Dearies!

Well, here we are in the d-chair, doing our thing. It's a bit cold and gloomy out there in Hoosierville today, so I'm hoping for a nice long nap.

(It makes the time go so much faster!)

Very quiet evening last night. Soup and sandwich from Panera for dinner, and I am happy to report that I ordered carefully and stayed within my calorie count for the day! I'm tracking everything carefully on my phone thingie, and I have to say...it really does help.

My JB Magoo bought me a fitness tracker thingie (and got himself one too), so as soon as I get home and charge it up and put it on I'll have something else to obsess about other than the impending delivery of new underpants for IU.

(There might be some new slippers and pajamas coming, but one does want to look presentable in recovery, doesn't one?)

OK, Betty. I hear you. Back to stitching.

I am still playing with Pretty Pumpkins and loving every stitch! I swear, once I figured out how to use the thread board my life changed! Not knowing what to do with my working threads once they were off the skein drove me so nuts, but now I feel like I've unlocked the secrets of the universe.

Funny, isn't it? It only look me several years to figure out my groove. I look back at early entries on this here blog, and I am stunned at how completely spastic and crazy my head used to be with trying to figure it out. I was so worried about what everybody else was doing and how they were doing it that I completely lost sight of what worked for me!

So here I sit, a one at a time stitcher who finally figured out that she needs a kit of things assembled to get the voices in her head to quiet down so she can just...stitch. No more running around like a 300 pound hummingbird flitting from thing to thing looking for perfection.

(But I still desperately want to sit at the cool kids' table, or in this case anywhere my guild ladies or any of you are gathered! I'll be good, I promise I will. I'll just sit quietly in the corner and watch your every move!)

Speaking of guild...I miss them so much! I assume that the virus restrictions have changed them, but JB pointed out to me the other day that he misses seeing me that happy. The good news (at least for me anyway) is that a new kidney will mean being able to go back to them. And! I have made a vow that once I am able to do so, I am going to attend every single class, seminar, meeting, and gathering related to this thing of ours out there!

In other words...gird your loins, Ladies!

Well, time to get on with it, I suppose. My blanket is doing it's thing and I'm feeling sleepy. Happy Monday! It's going to be a great week! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Good morning - I might be goofy but I get a charge checking out which cool leggings appear in the D-chair. I want your collection! I'm excited for your transplant journey - I've watched parents of two of my students go through this. Inspiring. Pumpkin looks fabulous. You always inspire me to get busy. Have a good day and week.

    1. And I totally get the jumping around projects. I think I've got adult onset ADHD regarding my crafting.

    2. Nancy...I get them on the amazons. They're VIV collection, plus size, and $13 a pair! My oldest ones are three years old now and still going strong!

    3. Thanks!! I will definitely look. I hate to admit I am the queen of Amazon. The longer this pandemic strings out the more lazy I am about what I'm wearing at home. I thought I would save on clothes in retirement but this was NOT the way I had in mind.

  2. I know what you mean about guild. I had to cancel the quilt guild meeting we scheduled for tonight (would be the first since Feb). The covid numbers are going up so high daily that it seemed sinful to get a bunch of ageing women together...it would be like a petri dish in the waiting.

    So with your inspiration I am going to pick up needle and thread and start my embroidery project that has been waiting for 2 weeks for me to start.

  3. I can't wait until you are able to get back to your guild! Looking forward to hearing about all the fun things you will do with them :)

  4. I have been following you for a while. Sending many prayers to you. You are an inspiration on all you are going thru and how you keep your positivity on the blog. Sending many prayers and keep stitching!!

  5. Know what you mean. It's like I have blinders on..........am so focused on what I THINK I'm doing that I miss all the other possibilities. Keep on truckin'!

  6. My guild meets via Zoom meetings. Perhaps yours does too.

  7. A bunch of my needlepoint friends and I chat and stitch every Sunday afternoon for 3-4 hours. People jump on or off as their schedules require. Some have said it has kept them stitching. We always have a great time and say how thankful we are to be able to see each other and stitch together.

  8. I forgot to say that we meet via Zoom.

  9. I had a Fitbit which was great for post-op exercise, tucked into my dressing gown pocket. I challenged myself to do more steps daily and wore a groove in the carpet!
    Glad the healthy eating is coming on well. You have such a super target to drive you on now. Enjoy your nap - you won't miss much with the gloomy weather.
    Have a happy Monday and a better Tuesday!

  10. Coni, what soup and sandwich did you get from Panera? Always up for trying something recommended! I am glad that the pumpkin piece is bringing you stitching happiness. And Coni, you can sit with me at any gathering. We can be cool kids together!

  11. Coni, can you please tell me what a thread board is. I need to pull my Pumpkin project out, you have inspired me to pick it up. Thanks

  12. Atta girl. Congrats on keeping those nasty calories at bay! You inspire us all.