May 7, 2020


So here we are on a Thursday here in Hoosierville, and I am shoulding all over myself.

I should be cleaning, organizing, stitching, writing, reading, spiffing, sploshing, walking, cooking.....

Jimminy Crickets.

I suppose it's a good thing I have a video chat with Dr Melfi at 1:00, since I seem to have gotten myself all out of sorts and have been stomping about the place like Shrek the Spinster since I awoke.

Call it frustration, or maybe a bad night's sleep, or maybe even a little bit of cabin fever. All I know is that my tiny little brain is all over the place and my talent for procrastinating has kicked into overdrive.


I did manage to go for a walk after treatment yesterday, but only for a very short bit and for about fifteen minutes before I had to come back to CS2 and sit down. That fact made me very sad, but my JB kept reminding me that it was DayOne, and each day I will go a little further.

(I just wish my aching body agreed with him today.)

There are plans to be made and lists to write and things to do, but maybe today I'll just sit here on my heiney in my Stinky Happy Chair and stare at the walls for a bit and let my mind wander. If I'm smart, I'll put a needle and thread in hand and, before you know it, might have some significant progress to show.


What's new with you?


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have those days when nothing seems to go as we planned.

  2. You're not alone. Several women I love are going through a slump with the limited interactions we can have. We zoom some and talk on the phone and text each other. Be patient with yourself. Glad you have JB also, as it's really tough on folks who are alone sometimes.

  3. Never tell yourself you 'should do'. There is nothing you 'should do' only want to do. I want to get the house clean etc. Go easy on yourself!! This whole lock down puts enough stress on us and you need to ease up on yourself. 15 min. of walking is a GOOD start! Have a blessed safe day. Patty McDonald

  4. Slumps happen and so does procrastination--I'm speaking from experience here. I started doing a five minute walk last Friday. Because of the heat here, I'm only up to six minutes, but it's better than nothing and since I haven't walked much in long time, it's okay to go slow. So I suggest you lower your goal and make it five or 10 or whatever you can do without pushing yourself too much. That way, you'll have a success instead of a failure to start with.

  5. I may have you beat in the procrastination category! Desk work is almost beyond me at this point. I live in Ontario, Canada, and while some parts of retail are opening up, I still can't hold my granddaughters! One is 2 and the other is 4 months - missing them dreadfully! I get closer to the cashier in the grocery store than I do my family. However, I am cross stitching and quilting and my wonderful husband and I have been able to spend more time together than ever before in 40 years! Can't wait to see your finished project with all the beading done.

  6. I feel like most of my days follow a similar path. But when you do kick it in to gear, you go all out. Me - I'm lucky if I force myself to one "must do"!!!

  7. Oh I have the shoulds, but end up the don'ts too. The shoulds will eventually be dones but I found writing them down makes me fret. I was doing that with the house and the veg and it became a ball and chain around the ankle. So I do when I fancy and everything falls into place eventually. The animals come first whatever happens and the toilets get done regularly. But as for everything else - that blooming dust starts settling whenever you move around - with or without carpet those dust bunnies gather so I don't go round daily - sometimes I ignore for quite a while. If I'm outside with the veg, then something has to give and for me its yukky housework. Break the areas down so instead of doing the whole place, one room, or half a room. Reward yourself for each chore - rest and sew or colour or have a little walk. Be Errol Flynn in Robin Hood - take the stance with your sword (duster/vacuum) and go "hah!" then pounce on that area. Maybe not do it outside otherwise people will look at you funny. xxxx

  8. Coni, your Jersey Boy is right on the walking issue! 15 minutes is better than none and you will go a bit more each day. Be kind to yourself!

  9. That is 15 min more than I did yesterday! Little by little :)