Dec 15, 2019


Despite staying up a bit late, I did manage to get myself up in time for Mass and breakfast. We went to Perkins, and I ate more food than I have had in quite a while, and each and every bite of it was delicious! Our waitress was a lovely woman named Seminar...a name that I have never heard before, but lovely.

Now I'm home in the Happy Chair to read the paper and get back to Holiday Ribbons:

The borders are all complete. Now it's time to start playing with filling in the ribbons!

I hope this Sunday finds you safe and warm and happy and healthy, Dearies! We're off like a herd of turtles tomorrow into another week...almost the last of the year!  Do something wonderful and come tell me all about it!



  1. Hello from N.E.Ohio 4miles from Lake Erie where all you have to do is click your heels twice and the weather changes. Rain & Snow at the moment. I"m an OLD lady, widowed 9rs and living with daughter n family. I am a quilter, needleworker and a new cross stitcher. I have to have a Book at all times and your mentioning coloring sounds like what I need for something else to do. Love your Blog. Happy Holidays and a wish for good health for ALL.

    1. Hey live in the same area as me! Painesville here!!! Nice to meet you!

  2. Hey, I caught up on the LAUNDRY. Big deal, but it's a Real Relief. Working on a prayer shawl for a friend who has heart trouble. YOU are in my prayer box.

  3. Sounds like fun. I'm abstaining from so much food with friends! I mean, fancy putting an assortment of yummy dips right in front of me!
    Hmmm, we must be getting Ohio weather - although it's click your heels for rain, more rain (thunderstorm last night), hail - luckily only one lot of snow last month! Sun is a little too shy so we are all on vitamin D tablets!

    Holiday ribbons is looking delightful even without the fillers!!! Be wonderful when it's done. xx

  4. Glad you made it to mass and breakfast! Hope you enjoyed your time with Holiday Ribbons!