Dec 14, 2019


My Jersey Boy had his company Christmas party last night, so I enjoyed a long nap, Chinese food, and several hours of The Crown on The Netflix. I sat on the couch instead of the Happy Chair and realized that the view of CS2 is entirely different.

Methinks I might want to move a stitchy light there and make it my new spot.

Today is Spinster Saturday Abed, and I am almost finished with the second cup of damn good and a quick flip through of the week's mail. I don't really have a lot to do per se, so it might be another quiet day of coloring and stitching and football watching. If I can, though, I might want to venture outside for a walk, since the sun is shining and it looks quite nice out there in Hoosierville.

What does your Saturday look like, Dearie? Good, I hope! Come tell us all about it!


  1. You know sometimes a room with a view is just in front of us, I have done the same moved around to a different stitching spot, stay warm.

    Merry Christmas

  2. As someone who is housebound from disability, I only discovered last year how switching where you sit can totally change your perspective. Instead of having one cockpit now I now have three! The only downside is that I needed a few more stitching supplies and other things (blankets, lamps, etc) because I got sick of hauling everything from one chair to another. So I ended up a little less minimalist than I'd like, but there is so, so much joy to be had just from changing your view!

  3. That dimly lit view seems so relaxing.. our furniture faces the fireplace, so if TV is to be watched, seating choice is
    limited. I'm not a flat screen over the mantel kind of gal.
    Hope your room service Saturday is going as planned.

  4. Love the soft glow of your Christmas lighting, Coni! Hope your Saturday was swell!

  5. Beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Very nice and cosy!
    Busy Saturday for me - visited ex-colleague, best friend and quilting buddy, followed by stopover with an old next door neighbour for our annual Christmas get together! Sunday was lunch with my son, a quick hello to a chicken friend who lives in the same road as my son, pit stop at my mum's and home heading into a big thunderstorm! Yuk! Home and heading for bed! xxx Sleep well Coni and hope you had a snuggly Sunday.

  6. I love to see pictures of your beautiful home. It always looks so cozy and inviting! Mine usually looks like the drop off center at the local thrift store.