Dec 3, 2019


Well, so much for a quiet Tuesday with nothing on the agenda, Dearies. I swear, these energy swings are simply unreal. One day I am unconscious in the big girl sleigh bed, and the next I go on a cleaning and organizing frenzy. It started with the outside storage closet and my discovery that JB had turned it into a dump-all. I did a little re-arranging after putting out the Christmas decs, and now it makes a little more sense:

Then I came inside and made the bed:

Re-arranged my nightstand:

And then went bats**t crazy and did the rest of the apartment like some kind of HGTV organizing expert in a house full of hoarders and PigPens (the Peanuts character and not the actual farm location for keeping livestock).

The "furnace" room was piled high with....stuff...and always made me very nervous. Now, not so much:

Then I did the laundry room. Is there anything happier that a back-up supply of coffee and paper towels?

Next I found a place to hang the cone thingie:

And then I cleaned out the linen closet. (The empty space may or may not be for Yankee candles organized seasonally.) (Told ya...bats**t): 

The kitchen table has been driving me crazy ever since I gave my desk to JB and started doing my planning and makeup (because the bathroom lighting is so bad and I'm old now) and bill paying:

I scored one of these carts at the Michael's for $20, and it has completely and totally changed my life in the five minutes it's been put together:

This isn't exactly ideal, but for now it will have to do. I moved that little shelf from the furnace room and now I don't have my pot lids sitting on the floor (like an animal):

Now the kitchen table actually looks like a kitchen table!

And finally, I cleaned and re-did the fridge and consolidated the Thanksgiving leftovers into a casserole for tonight:

Whew! I am officially bushed! I'm going to give myself a mani/pedi, get a little something to drink, and call it a day!

Best. Tuesday. Ever!!


  1. Well done, Coni! Now when you get a second burst of energy would you come and organize my hot mess! I hope you can spend the rest of the day in relax mode.

  2. All that AND 3 posts today! You are a tornado of positive energy. Me, not so much, as I continue to fight a cold and prepare for a craft sale on Sunday.

  3. It would have taken me two months to have gotten all that done. Seriously. I need some of your meds. :) Lucinda

  4. Coni, after you finish helping Robin, can you come up the road to my place and help me reorganize? I have three of those carts you could use as well!

    Just kidding, but oh my goodness, you are amazing!

  5. WOW! I'm jealous of your outside storage! I so wish my apartment had that.

  6. Your home is beautiful! I love the kitchen table -- the decorations are perfect!

  7. And think of all the calories you burned while organizing! Great movement, stretching, reaching, and bending!

  8. Oh crikey! I'm exhausted just reading what you've been up to! LOL! My goodness! What a busy bee and it looks fabulous! I can only say I have been pottering in the greenhouse and carefully avoided indoor chores! Well done!

  9. 11th commandment: Thou shalt not envy thy neighbor's energy spurts. You should have a new lease on life after all that. Five gold stars for you!!