Oct 13, 2019


I was up early, showered, dressed, and out the door for Mass before I knew what hit me this morning, Dearies! We went to 9:30 services in the Crypt beneath the Basilica, and I think I was half-way through singing the opening hymn before my eyes opened!

Breakfast has been cooked, eaten, and cleaned up...a turkey sausage, pepper, onion, egg beater and cheese frittata with leftover cheddar biscuits. I discovered today that my big skillet is oven proof, which is a total game changer for me, especially since I love to make a big breakfast skillet type thing on Sundays and have it for the week.

Absolutely nothing on the agenda for the day except paper reading, stitching, more cooking, and football on the TeeVee. I might put my shoes and socks on and go for a nice walk because it is just simply beautiful outside. Who knows? Maybe Magoo will join me and we'll head back to campus and walk around the lakes.

Happy Sunday! I hope yours is lovely. Come tell me what you're stitching, reading, cooking, blogging, etc.


  1. Notre Dame beat USC! That's good news for Washington Husky fans. I stitched all day and watched football, it was grand. I look forward to doing the same today. Happy Sunday!

  2. Sounds as though you are set for the nicest kind of day imaginable!!! Enjoy.

  3. Happy Coni - except for being a bit of a zombie, and I can understand that, being up long before I actually wake up! But you singing yourself awake - much nicer! LOL!
    Nothing much going on today. Hubby and his dad chopped more wood and then they went off to look for a castle in the next town. They were really pleased! Meanwhile I cleaned out the chicken run before tea time (for the chickens) - work in progress. I had the fun stuff. But the sun actually came out in the afternoon. Back to rain now. I think someone is telling me I should finish tidying my room!

  4. Hi Connie I have been reading your post,s for a long time now and you really cheer me up you are so positive my name is Rita and I live in Liverpool UK your home looks lovely and I feel like I am in the US with you keep up with your cheerful posts I read them every day God Bless Rita

  5. A perfect Sunday by the sounds of it!