Aug 31, 2019


Say hello to my new mug from the WalMarts.  She is a very big girl, and comes in at a whopping 27 ounces!  That's an entire VAT of damn good, Dearies, and I intend to slurp them to the very last drop!

(The mug is one of a set of four from the Pioneer Woman line of goods, and the entire set cost $17 and change. It was a splurge I could easily justify, especially since these are technically soup mugs and JB and I will get a lot of use out of them this winter!)

My evening was rather blurry, but I think I managed to watch a movie and have some dinner. The movie was The Favourite and dinner was veggie egg rolls and sushi. Both were equally delicious.

Today has dawned cool and cloudy and has me hankering to decorate CS2 for Fall. I have all of my things in totes out in the storage closet, so it shouldn't be too much trouble, but I am also wanting to grab a blanket, light the crackpot spinster fireplace, and stitch all day.

*Apparently the universe wants me to stitch all day. I can't get to the totes without help from JB:

Do you think there will ever come a time when I realize I might be able to do both, but in moderation?

I'm fretting over this hurricane and praying for all in its path. I was trying to think of a place last night that has zero weather to contend with, but I couldn't come up with such a place. I suppose it's Somebody's way of keeping us all humble and on our toes, but I still wish nobody had to face it. 

Happy Saturday! Come tell me all about your comings and goings and doing today! 


  1. Dunno about weather, but whenever I see predictions for Bogota, Colombia on TV it seems to have much the same temperatures: in the 60s maximun and in the 40s minimum. This makes it top of my weather pops theoretically, though I'd probably miss the contrasting seasons in real life. But, it'd be brilliant for stitching purposes: never too hot or too cold.

  2. Now that's what I call a mug! So pretty too. You'll be bouncing off the walls with that full of DG!
    Yes, the coolness and heavy dews (and our little robin doing it's autumn pipping sounds - it's quite tiny compared with your robins) means jumpers back on and harvesting like crazy! This year we are trying a different squash - I'm really looking forward to trying that as it's supposed to be nicer than a butternut. Hubby has been picking the tomatoes and is baking them with our garlic and drizzled with olive oil. Then it is turned into passata and frozen in big cubes for pasta dishes or anything else needing a tomato base.
    Husband, daughter and her partner are due to go to Florida soon, so hurricane season does worry me a lot. Been watching the satellite views of Dorian - which makes me think how something that looks so beautiful can be so deadly. I do hope it weakens before it reaches land - be safe everyone across the pond. xx

  3. Great looking mug, Coni! Enjoy your coffee slurping! Mom and I took in the annual Taste of the Mountains street festival on Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon and evening stitching!

  4. Oh wow, love the mug Coni!! Hope you are doing well, I am off to catch up on your doings the last few weeks, I have been MIA. xxoo

  5. Such a pretty design on that mug! Darn! Now I want sushi.