Jul 22, 2019


The heat broke overnight, so I awoke refreshed and ready to go! Driving to treatment was lovely, since I was able to breathe easily and wasn't a total puddle by the time I got here.

(And! My fluid gain was very minimal over the weekend, so my effort to behave myself worked very nicely indeed!)

Plum Pudding is coming along nicely again after a few hours last night and an hour so far this morning:
I don't want to jinx myself, but I have been able to stitch with my glasses on today! Normally, I remove them and stitch with nekkid eyeballs, but today I have been able to stitch AND be a Nosy Parker and watch the pod.

Speaking of watching, Pam and Steph from Just Keep Stitchin', Danielle from Stitcherista, and Caroline from Off The Grid Needlearts are keeping my company on the Flosstube today. I keep meaning to have a little binge session in which I view each of their channels from the beginning, but then I get tempted by all of the other channels...Shirl from Tranquil Stitches, Garret from Coffee Stitcher, Lorie from Mischievous Stitches...and on and on.

I just can't say it enough. If you have a needle and thread or diamond painting pen or knitting needles or fabric fat quarters to quilt in your world...thank you! This thing of ours has literally and figuratively saved my life and I am forever in your debt for all you have done and continue to do for me.

Tonight I hope to get a good swim in before dinner and then get right back to some stitching.

How about you, Dearie? What will blow your skirt up today?


  1. Glad the heat broke in your neck of the woods! While it isn't near 100 today, it is still in the 90s. They say tomorrow it will break and I am hoping they are right. Starting on a new ornament tonight! Enjoy your good swim and dinner!

  2. Our heat is breaking as I type! Thunderstorms moving though this part of NY this afternoon have cooled the temps a bunch! But now we deal with heavy rains and flood warnings. If it’s not one thing it’s the other.
    I’ll be working on some stitching myself this evening. Enjoy!

  3. The heat broke last night, so it was a beautiful day here today. I spent the afternoon outside, reading a book, followed by some stitching this evening... 2 of my favorite hobbies! Have a great week

  4. Oooh plummy goodness - looking great. Glad you have some respite from the heat. I think ours is about to hit full-on today. We have fog - or as we are up high, perhaps low cloud, so we expect this will burn off and then swelter for the rest of the day! But as we are in jolly old Blighty, it won't last long before the rain. LOL! Have a fab swim - wish I could join you! xx

  5. Looking forward to the rain coming in today and cooling off our neck of the woods in eastern NC. Looks like NY and NJ really got lots of rain and winds over the last day, and I pray that there weren't any injuries. So much of the US has suffered from this heat this summer. Glad you're doing better with the cool front that came in my friend.
    You're coming right along on your stitching. Love all the colors in it.
    You take care. Now that it's a little cooler, today will be a good day for you to get lots of relaxation in.

  6. We are much much cooler here today too. Even having a bit of rain. Glad you are having a good week! I am going strawberry picking tomorrow so am very much looking forward to some fresh berries!

  7. I was at the DMV yesterday and at age 70 I can still read the eye chart without my glasses! Shocker!
    Ruth in Oxnard CA