May 12, 2019


Progress on Cirque des Coeurs thus far:

And the plan for the day:

If you are a mother or are with your mother or are missing your mother as fiercely as I am today, I wish you happiness and joy and love and giggles today, Dearies!


  1. I do understand --- I miss my Mama every day. Today is a good day, though, and I know that neither your mother nor mine would want us to be anything but happy. So, have a wonderful day and do something fun!

  2. Your stitching looks fantastic as always, dear lady! You're making me want to dig out my copy of the Cirque and start it.

    If you happen to be up to going to the movies, I highly recommend Poms. It was Mom's requested gift and turned out to be a hoot! A group of women in a retired Southern living community go rogue & form a cheerleading squad. Very sweet & funny, with a slightly bittersweet ending.

    Now I just have to convince my mother that she CANNOT do Diane Keaton's dance moves! LOL

  3. Cirque des Coeurs is looking super, Coni! Hope you had a peaceful day!

  4. No question, the Cirque is a show-stopper - so beautiful...
    looking forward to it's completion and proud display. So enjoying your dips into the WIP's. Great choices..

  5. Didn't see yesterday until just now,but this applies to both days: a child l once taught was very sad when a baby her mum had been fostering was moved on to her adoptive home. Her mum said that perhaps she shouldn't continue fostering if her daughter was going to be so very sad when the babies moved on. The child replied 'its because we love them so much that we are so sad' out of the mouths of babes....

  6. Super progress and so pretty.