May 4, 2019


Happy Saturday, Dearies!

I'm up and in the Happy Chair with my first cup of damn good. It was a late night of bingeing season two of Game of Thrones. I started re-watching the entire series on Thursday and managed to watch a full season each day, so hopefully I will be able to catch up to the finale by the time it airs.

Stitch Maynia 2019 has proven to be a lot of fun for Yours Truly. If you're just joining us today, I decided to participate by drawing a different WIP to play with on weekdays and play with Plum Pudding on the weekends.

(I may amend that to Grasshopper Pie, because I am so very close to a finish on it and would really like to have it complete before diving into PP.)

In any event, I have really enjoyed the three different projects in three days. It was a lovely way to reconnect with pieces I hadn't seen in years, and the variety of styles and threads really kept me interested. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of progress I was able to make in just one day of stitching! Granted, they were very long days, but sitting down and being focused for that long was wonderful for my tiny little brain!

It's a bit gloomy here today, but I don't mind one little bit. I am determined to spend a bit of time spiffing up CS2. Nothing major today...maybe just a quick swish of the bathroom and kitchen and a ride around the place on the vacuum. Just enough to keep the Health Department away and Stewey from haunting me in my sleep.

I got a lot of questions about my Starbucks order yesterday. On Fridays, if I've gone to every treatment that week, I treat myself to a trip through the Starbucks drive through. Lately I am obsessed with the vanilla sweet cream cold brew...made as skinny as they can. (Venti refers to the size...large in Starbucks speak.) It's a bit rich and indulgent, but so far has motivated me not to play hooky from dialysis, so that's a good thing, no?

OK. Enough blathering. I'm going to get my second cup and get the paper read before getting on with my Saturday. What's on your agenda today?


  1. I really like seeing all your projects for Maynia. You’re inspiring me to take up stitching again!

  2. Have a fun and enjoyable Saturday, Coni! Spiff a little and stitch a lot!

  3. May the 4th be with you and all stitchers -- happy Star Wars day!

    Susan Anonymouse

  4. Connie, if you have a lot of hard floors and flat carpet, get a Roomba! It does a great job and you can keep stitching. I love mine!

  5. You are amazing what you get done and sure inspires me to do more stitching.
    I like seeing the Maynia projects.

  6. I think you are doing so well - but I hope Stewey isn't nagging you in your dreams - and it looks like you have had sufficient breaks by sewing different things to keep you interested to make terrific progress in all of them.
    My daughter and her partner are staying over (again) because friends here have a small herd of Dexter cattle - and one has had a calf which is enormously hungry and has a bucket of milk plus his mum's! Then to see an alpaca cria along the road to another friend. Last time she visited, she was bottle feeding lambs! We enjoy other people's pets and animals! Saves on vet bills! ;) Sooooo have fun.

  7. Good for you! If anyone deserves a treat at the end of the week it for sure is you :)