May 3, 2019


Love and Wisdom
The Drawn Thread
32ct unknown linen
DMC threads per the chart

A very rough treatment today, but I treated myself to a Venti Cold Brew on the way home and settled in to get a surprising amount of stitching in! I have to say...these three days of Maynia have been very fun, indeed! Two days of free stitching/crafting, and then it's back to WIPs next week!


  1. I LOVE this one and have it in my stash all kitted up to do, too! I hope you are having fun with your projects!

  2. Happy Friday, Coni! What a great stitching selection for the 3rd day!

  3. This will be lovely once finished!

  4. I love the way you are stitching...Maynia Days! Each of your projects are different and lovely. You are amazing! Thank you for blogging through all your distress and medical issues. I often think i could not be as strong as you are in facing the challenges you do daily. As the Greeks say, "Courage"! You have it! Congratulations!

  5. Lots of progress again! So happy to hear you are having so much fun!