May 5, 2019


Well, Dearies, here we are on a lovely Sunday morning in Hoosierville.

I slept in quite late today and am getting a very slow start, but methinks that is just fine. I've had my damn good and started a load of towels in the washing contraption, and now it's time for stitching and Game of Thrones.

I finished season three in the wee hours, so I might have to go back and catch the last little bit of the last episode since my eyes were closing and I'm pretty sure I missed some crucial parts.

Here is the progress from yesterday on Grasshopper Pie:

Only the upper left corner to complete and then it's on to the beading!

Flank steak and roasted veg for dinner tonight. I've really been trying to behave myself while Rich is away, but I decided to stick with a Sunday meal plan and cook something nice fir myself. Tomorrow I'll get back to is treat day!

I hope your very own Sunday is lovely and swell and that you'll come tell me all about it! Happy Cinco de Mayo if you're so inclined...have a margarita or two for me!


  1. No margaritas here, just Diet Coke. But it is sunny and warm for the first time since October!

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. It sounds like a wonderful Sunday! I love your progress on Grasshopper Pie - It's beautiful and you're really getting close to a finish! Enjoy your day!

  3. Grasshopper Pie is looking fabulous, Coni! Flank steak and veggies sound good; we had meatloaf and mashed taters. No on the margaritas, just coffee and water! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. Read the title and automatically carried on with ahh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Good for you, a reward for being a good girl is a must. And oh home stretch now. Looking great! :D